Sunday, September 27, 2009

Naruto - Chapter 465

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Chapter 465: Attack on the Summit

~Sasuke already went all out with his attacks~

There's really nothing much to say in this chapter except that Sasuke is already getting serious with his attacks. He is already running after Danzou together with Karin. He abandoned Juugo and Suigetsu who also suffered great damage because of the attacks.

Sasuke left Gaara and everyone else and fled with Karin to search for Danzou. However, upon arriving at the meeting room, Danzou escaped and Sasuke is left to face the Mizukage who is so ready to extract her revenge to Akatsuki through Sasuke.

What would Sasuke do to get out of this pinch? Find out next chapter.

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  1. Sasuke is going to use his manly charms to get out of trouble lol... I kind of doubt Mizukage will keep him in the room for long.