Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vampire Knight - Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Accidental Encounters

Yuuki finally appears in front of everybody including Zero in a ball attended by vampires!
  • There's a new teacher in the academy. It's Zero's training-mate in his younger years, Kaito.
  • The meeting with the Hunter Association is already over. It was agreed that each would strive to achieve their goal of coexistence. The association would still do their job of killing and hunting vampires while Kaname would stand as the new leader of the vampires.
  • Yuuki is being attended to by Luca. Luca started by doing her nails.
  • But Yuuki's nails are already well-done and guess who did that..It's Kaname-sama!!!!! He did Yuuki's nails???!!??!!?! 0___0 How I wish Kaname-sama can do my nails toooo~~~I would be blushing the whole time. Hahahaha.
  • I have to say Luca did a great job. Yuuki does look stunning and beautiful to me. Kaname would be so proud to bring Yuuki as his partner! Waa..I wanna be Kaname-sama's partner tooooo.
  • It seems that Yuuki promised Kaname-sama that she would be calling his beloved onii-sama as simply Kaname.
  • Wakaba (Yuuki's bestfriend) snucked into the party with the help of Kaito because of her desire to see Yuuki. What could happen when the best friends finally reunite?
I am excited what could happen in these ball and how would Kaname-sama react with all the encounters that Yuuki would meet.

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