Monday, August 31, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapter 704

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Chapter 704: Silent Crash

Subaru..Akai..Conan..Jodie-sensei..Gin..all bumping with each other. What could possibly happen!!?!!

Based from what I understood, it was Akai who texted the details to Mouri. Ran replied to the text message and the message was sent to some random guy who claims that his phone was picked up by a guy earlier. The man described the guy as wearing a black hat with a burnt right cheek. This alerted Conan thinking that Akai was there. He bumped into Jodie-sensei who was also running after Akai.

This is a really exciting episode because each character have been bumping with each other while hiding their true identity and intentions. Akai managed to escape after Conan spreaded the rumor that the mall is giving off discount coupons to make up for the bombing accident. Akai used this as an opportunity to escape and run away from the mall. Jodie-sensei almost caught up with him but was blocked by the large number of people.

What interests me was Subaru's words as the chapter ends. So it looks like that Subaru is looking for Akai all this time. His words hints about it but it was also puzzling so it's very hard to understand. I just hope that the next chapters would clear this one out.

Anyway, next chapter will be a new case to enjoy so watch out! ^^

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