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Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Episode 9

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Episode 6: Skewers

My gosh..I really do not know what to say about Umineko anymore. Hehehehehe. I am always getting crazy to understand whatever it is that is happening but at the same time, this is what makes the series interesting to watch.

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  • Who killed Jessica? Where is Kanon?
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Confirmed facts of the episode:
*These are the red sentences that Beatrice confirms to be the truth and nothing but the truth.
  • Each servant has a master key that can open the door to almost every room, for a total of five master keys.
  • There are no hidden doors in the room.
  • The only way in and out of the room is through the door.The only keys that could have locked the door is Jessica’s keys and the servants’ master keys.
  • The window is locked from the inside.
  • Kanon was killed inside the room.
  • When the door is locked, there is no way to go in or out of the room through the door.
  • The door cannot be locked from outside the room without using a key.
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Gray areas:
*These are the things that Beatrice doesn't want to confirm or deny, which Battler suspects that Beatrice doesn't want to reveal a crucial hint or misdirect Battler with the case:
  • Kanon’s body is inside the room (her unverified claim is that she removed the body through her magic).
  • The door was last locked with one of the servants’ master keys.

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Sheep and the Wolf Analogy
*This is a puzzle that Maria reads in a book. This puzzle is on of the river-crossing problems.

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A group of sheep and pack of wolves would be crossing the river. To cross, they would use the single boat available. A sheep would be eaten if there are a larger number of wolves.

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Wolves stand for the killers while the sheep are the innocent victims. The murder cannot be possibly be done with one person. It is possible that a lot of them did it. Since only four sheep left (four members of the Ushiromiya), and the servants who are thought to be the suspects, then the sheeps are in grave danger. Get it?

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Battler vs. Beatrice
Battler is having a hard to prove that magic does not exist and he is still unwilling to accuse anyone. Beatrice belittles him because he is removing other possibilities that could explain things without using magic. Beatrice also adds that it is possible that Battler made the mystery as locked room murder case. His beliefs might influence the truth of what actually happened.

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During the first part, Kanon was the one being suspected but Battler was able to prove Kanon's innocence. In the previous episode, we saw Jessica take Kanon’s master key to open the door to Beatrice’s room, which is confirmed by Gouda. If Jessica did not bother to return the key to Kanon, then it should still be somewhere on her body, and this is indeed the case. While the question still remains of where Kanon has disappeared to, this does substantially reduce the suspicion against him.

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Shannon and Genji has an alibi since they are with Kinzou when Jessica was killed.

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Gouda and Kumasawa remains to be suspicious but it was not believed by Battler and George saying that people like them cannot commit such grave acts.

But there is still the possibility that the servants did the killing, at least that's what Rosa thinks. She had considered the possibility that Beatrice may have killed by herself and is framing the employees, but she sees no way around the fact that the servants had the only keys that could lock Jessica’s room.

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Battler also challenged Rosa by pointing the possibility of her as the killer. Rosa has a convincing argument that she is innocent: as the one with the gun, once the others left she could easily have shot Battler and George so that she would be the sole remaining inheritor of Kinzou’s wealth, and she could just blame the shootings on Beatrice. The fact that she didn’t strongly suggests that Rosa is not among those responsible for the murders.

The fake Kanon:
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While the servants are in the kitchen, Kanon returns badly injured. Nanjo patches Kanon up the best he can, while Kanon blames Rosa for what happened to himself and Jessica. If true, this could mean Battler and George are in grave danger. Hearing this, Shannon heads to the basement to pick something up. Meanwhile back in the kitchen, Kanon suddenly seems to be fine, saying that a certain person stated the intention to kill everyone, just like he himself had already been killed. This Kanon has red eyes and gouges his wound to the terror of everyone else in the room.

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Shannon returns causing this Kanon to be a fake one. She brought spider webs from the basement and if he is the real Kanon, this should have no effect on him. The fake Kanon suddenly slashed Shannon with a blue sword-like thing as compared to the red one that Kanon previously used in the last episode. Shanon was able to evade but Nanjo and Kumasawa got fatally injured by slashed to the neck.

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Gouda restrained Kanon and Genji threw a know to immobilize him. Genji used the spider webs to dispel Kanon.

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The episode ended with Gouda being completely shocked at the close brush with death and the impossible thing that had just happened, but Genji and Shannon look like they have a clue of what had just transpired.

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