Saturday, September 5, 2009

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom - Episode 22

Episode 22: Wrath

Drei's hatred has really eaten her up. She really hates Reiji so much that it is an enough reason for her to become an assassin.

There's a little encounter between Ein and Drei. It only ended up with them pointing guns with each other. Reiji arrives and points a gun at Drei when Lizzie suddenly appears to persuade Drei to leave them just for now. Lizzie also tipped Reiji and Ein that they have been discovered by the organization and that they should flee soon.

And so the grand plan of the two is to use Mio to their advantage. Reiji placed pressure on Shiga so that they can have the advantage to escape. Ein went to the north to negotiate with a smuggler. Shiga responded to the threat and ordered bodyguards to protect his little sister.

To make the situation more convenient, Reiji went on a date with Mio. They watched a movie but while they are sitting on a bench, Drei arrived and talked to Reiji.

I think Scythe Master has really nurtured the hatred inside Cal because you can't talk sense to her anymore. Lizzie tried to tell Cal that Reiji tried to protect her but she don't believe it anymore. She felt being used by Reiji to save himself with all the lies Reiji did. She believes that Reiji abandoned her and but she didn't know the real story behind. She has been devoured by her hatred that she can't see what has happened for real.

I don't want to find Drei and Ein fight but from the looks of things, it MIGHT happen. I guess this is gonna be hard for Reiji and I do hope that he won't be forced to make any choices between the two women of his life.

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