Monday, September 21, 2009

Naruto - Chapters 463-464

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Special Naruto Manga Double Post!!!

Chapter 463: Sasuke vs. Raikage
Chapter 464: The Power of Darkness

~ Sasuke uses the power of Amaterasu and Susanoo to be able to be at par with the Raikage~
~Gaara arrives!~

Chapter 463:

Sasuke used Amaterasu to be able to somehow keep himself from the Raikage. Both of them are good fighters. Thanks to the Amaterasu that Itachi gave him, the Raikage's attack is not a problem since Amaterasu burns everything that it can see. Though Sasuke is starting to get worn out, his fighting ability and prowess enables him to stand up once more and fight.

There's also a little scene with Naruto as he continues to talk with Madara. Madara believes that Naruto cannot talk some sense wih Sasuke just like what he did to Nagato. Madara further reveals that he will use Sasuke so that people would acknowledge the Uchiha clan. But Kakashi questions him back. If proving is just his point, then what is the purpose of the collecting the bijuus? Madara answer is simply to become complete.... It's an open ended reply that puzzeled Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato.

Chapter 464:

I guess the surprising thing that happened this chapter is when Gaara arrived together with Temari and Kankuro. He barged in in the middle of the heated fight between the Raikage and Sasuke. He talked to Sasuke convincing him that the path of darkness is not the path that he should walk on. He urges him that eventhough they have the same eyes - eyes that long to kill those who caused him loneliness, revenge won't solve a thing. Gaara points that if he pursued his revenge, he won't have a place to come home to. Surprisingly, Sasuke answered that if ever he went home, what would be there for him. He said that he already closed his eyes a long time ago he will not and cannot see even a single ray of light that could save him from his darkness.

Sasuke is being a big jerk. He thinks that no one is going to welcome him back home? He should remember that he still has Naruto who willing to do everything - as in EVERYTHING - just to bring him back home. People might condemn them for this, but knowing Naruto, I think he would stand up for Sasuke and protect his dear friend.

Meanwhile, Karin found Danzou's location and the Tsuchikage is getting ready for some action.

After the Amaterasu was being used, Sasuke moves to the next level with the Susanoo. Susanoo can only be used with the power of the Mangkekyo Sharingan (both eyes). The battle between the two with absolute defense starts!


  1. I either seeing Sasuke dying or him fighting with Naruto against a bigger threat. Just a fight between Sasuke and Naruto would be boring right?

  2. Yeah. I do not expect to have a just a fight between Naruto and Sasuke. After everything else, all they get is just a fight? It's not justified :)

  3. Sasuke will fight Naruto, but Madara will probably show up with his doomsday device or something.

    Hopefully Sasuke is past his emo stage and progressed into the "I'm gonna blow everything up" stage.