Monday, September 7, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 21

Episode 21: The Fool's Progress

This is a very cool screenshot of my two favorite characters in the series.

If I'm gonna work in the military, then I wanna work under Roy. He approves all leaves (Breda is on extended leave to check on Dr. Marcoh) and most importantly, he cares for his subordinates and never lets them go. This is clearly evident for Havoc who is about retire because of his spinal injury. He can't feel either of his legs and so he asks Roy to leave him and to let him go. But what Roy said to Havoc is that, he is leaving him behind FOR NOW, but he wants Havoc to catch up with him at the top. Riza also lost her will to fight during the previous battle and she got lectured by Mustang and instead entrusted her with watching his back.

The crack and fun of FMA is back in this episode. I find myself laughing in the episode especially when Ed went around fixing things. He is trying to lure Scar out so that he can lure the homunculus out, believing that the homonculus would not let him die just yet for he is an important sacrifice - alchemists who opened the door and managed to came back.

Scar arrived in the scene so is Wrath and Gluttony. Ed and Al took care of Scar while Wrath and Gluttony were faced by Lan Fan and Ling. Wrath demonstrates such speed that Ran Fan is caught off guard and gets her mask shattered. Roy gives assitance to Ed and Al as he messes up with the military intelligence network about Scar's location.

It is also interesting to point out that the bodies of Ed and Al are possibly to be interconnected. Ed theorizes that their spirits got mixed in the aftermath of the failed transmutation of their mother. Al also remembers, that Ed is always sleeping so it's highly possible that he is sleeping for Al's sake.

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