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Tears to Tiara - Episode 22

Episode 22: Dyrnwyn

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Lots of Pwyll moments!!!! Pwyll does look so good!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

This episode revealed the friendship between the Elven king, Pwyll and Arawn. I obviously enjoyed every bit and every minutes of this episode because in every frame, I can clearly see Pwyll. Hahahahaha.

So Pwyll's real name is Regulus or Small King. He became friends with Arawn after meeting him in the forest one night. Well, they met because of Primula who popped out. Pwyll pitied the human child when suddenly Arawn appeared. Arawn introduced himself as Arawn of Annwyn and I do admire Pwyll's elegant and refined behavior.

Arawn gave Pwyll the Dyrnwyn, a sword that has the power to slay a god. Pwyll took the sword in exchange for the human child. He wants to bring Primula to Avalon for her safety. Arawn commented that Avalon is just a prison - a trap considering its weapon and defenses. Pwyll didn't listen and instead walked away. Arawn mocked him saying that the elven king has become a warden of prisons. This insulted Pwyll that urged him to attack Arawn. Primula suddenly laughed and this strucked Pwyll. Upon seeing Primula act like a regular girl, Pwyll asked who Arawn really is, to which Arawn replied as the good-for-nothing son of Myrdin. Upon hearing this, Pwyll bowed down to his knees and in teary-eyed he begged for guidance.

Arawn proposed that they walk the same path, the Road of the Kings. The two had joined together as friends, even telling each other their true names, Arawn as Lucifer and Pwyll as Regulus as I have mentioned and they had fought together and succeeded in severing the world’s connection to the heavens. They've become good friends and allies - and hope is rekindled.

The flashbacks continue in the aftermath of the war. Arawn is on Pwyll's arms, injured and couldn't stand. Pwyll begged for Ogam to heal his friend but Ogam said that it was the Mercurius' canon that hit him. It uses Electrum, an element that Arawn's body is weak to, making it impossible to cure him. Arawn awakens, asking the results of the results of the war. Pwyll told him that they won. Arawn had used himself as a decoy during the final battle though and had gotten injured to the point where he had to rest for a long time to heal his wounds, since he is immortal.

As his final act before sleeping, he and Pwyll had used Dyrnwyn to erect a protective shield around the world.

All of this flashbacks were seen by Arthur who went to Gorsedd Arawn to retrieve Dyrnwyn. After seeing the truth about things, Arthur realized that the his protection has worn out, leading to another invasion from the heavens, and so he asks for the sword’s help as he pulls it out of the stone. This has the side effect of wiping out the enemies that Riannon and the others had been protecting him from while he was experiencing the flashback, and afterward, Arthur is ready to head to Palladium to join Arawn whose Etlym glowed red.

O gosh, why does the names of the swords and places so hard to type and pronounce, not to mention that they are missing some vowels. Hahaha. Nonetheless, this is a very Pwyll-full episode and I am extremely happy that after two episodes of whining where he is, I am given a full episode centered only on him. Kyaaaaaaaaa *flails* ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Next episode, the battle continues. Mayor Creon returns with the Dark Army. Much much much much excitement!!!

And oh, full episode summary on reychop's site. Please do visit ^^!

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