Monday, September 28, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapter 706

Chapter 706: Kobayashi sensei's Misunderstanding

~The case continues and what is this....a love misunderstanding?~

Details regarding the victim of the case as well as the suspects were presented:

Victim: Sumida Akira
Gender: Female (yes..she is really a SHE)
Occupation: Pawn Shop Owner
Personality: Viscious

The police have also gathered suspects of the crime:

1. Kagitani Kikuna
~Her alibi is that she is watching a soccer match on TV
~She hates Akira-san because pawned her mother's ring but couldn't buy it back immediately. And the vicious pawn owner wore it as if it is hers.

2. Takimoto Ryouko
~ Her alibi is that she is on leave the day of the crime since she has serve colds.
~ She bought a 500, 000 yen antique plate but it was a fake one, worth 300 yen.

3. Kodama Ryuusuke
~ He is known as a the hero of the koshien stadium but was only injured.
~ He borrowed money from the victim amounting to 5 million yen
~ The victim stormed in his house demanding for payment but that was just an excuse.

Other hints based from what Kobayashi-sensei has seen:
  • The culprit that she saw has these features: full figure, her long hair was tied back and wearing a hat.
  • She saw a truck passed by with a sign "09" which could suggest that it is a freight or a shipping truck.
And what was the misunderstanding all about?

She overheard some of the people talking about her resemblance with Satou-san. She got to know that Shiratori first liked Satou-san and the jealous police officers said that Shiratori is so good to be able to find someone who looks like Satou-san. Upon hearing this, Kobayashi got heartbroken.

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