Monday, September 28, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapter 707

Chapter 707: The Sakura Girl is...

~ Kobayashi is still grieving on what she overheard even though Shiratori told her the truth~
~ Haayyy...I already completed my triple post for Detective Conan~

What I want to point out in this chapter are the inputs of Conan:
  • Kikuna is a freeloader. She was the former leader of an all woman gan but it seems that she lost her license after an accident.
  • Ryouko is the owner of a small restaurant and the daughter of a wealthy family. It seems that she was trying to gather her money back that she lost to the fake plate and hired a number of lawyers to sue Sumida-san. It was bad that she caught a cold from skipping out on sleep and consulting with her lawyers.
Based on Conan's deductions, he also pointed out the following points:
  • The woman's voice that Kobayashi heard, Conan said that it is also possible that Sumida Akira said it.
  • The truck with a number as it's sign seems to be impossible since Mitsuhiko pointed out that most freight trucks carry their own company's name not their number. This is what he noted when he saw the freight truck that carried the friend of Dr. Agasa who is moving.
Meanwhile, Shiratori visited Kobayashi at school and told her the truth about them meeting as kids but the worried and hurtful Kobayashi didn't believe this and instead ran off. Much to her knowledge, the culprit is just around watching over her.

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