Monday, September 28, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapter 705

Chapter 705: Kobayashi Sensei's Love

~A new case on the loose and this time involving Kobayashi-sensei!~

This is a pretty interesting case we have right here. The chapter starts with Satou and Takagi at the police headquarters. Apparently, Rumors have been circulating that the two are going out together and they have even kissed! This alerts the other suitors of Satou and they called Shiratori to ask if the rumors are true or not. Unfortunately for them, Shiratori is already inlove with someone else and we all know that it's Kobayashi-sensei.

Kobayashi is in her room and Shiratori called her to alert her that a snatcher is around her area and he reminds her to be extra careful. This blushes sensei then suddenly, the kids arrive. There was a little teasing since they all look forward to the day Shiratori confesses his love for her. It was also a secret, that Shiratori rescued Kobayashi in a shoplifting incident when they were still a child. Shiratori intends to keep this as a secret and tell her the truth when he finally confesses.

Anyway, they all went to the fireworks display since the children do not have an adult with them. But first, they stopped by the bookstore to reserve a book. But since Kobayashi is too shallow, she didn't mention that the kids already went ahead and left her. In her panic, she frantically searches for the kids when she overheard an incident. She checked it out and saw a man who was bloddied man lying on the street. The culprit arrived but luckily Conan arrived to check out the crime scene. But unfortunately, the culprit disappeared.

Next chapter, the culprit's evil influence descends on the witness!

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