Friday, August 14, 2009

Spotted: Goodies @ Comiket 76!

Hi H*P viewers! I just got off reading one of the first blog posts of Day 1 Comiket 76 coverage and found some merchandise that might interest you!

You all may know of Mio's famous 'rice bowl' now, you can eat rice from it. Thanks to the folks at Cospa.

First of is the K-On! Dining set which features Mio's famous rice bowl from K-On! Episode 8. Even though it's cute, when you say you're "eating out of Mio's bowl" it definitely sounds like there's something else. LOL. Not loving the price tag though.

Hetalia Gashapons

Folks who have read my entry about Koto One-coin Hetalia figures and were disheartened by the price tag -- you can dry your tears now. Tomy is going to release Hetalia gashapons. They're of lower quality, but they're very affordable at 200yen per random gashapon. Hope they'll be available locally... I wants an Italy!

Nendoroid Puchi Bakemonogatari

Bakemonogatari characters are getting the Nendo Puchi treatment as well! Girl on the left (forgot all their names! PHAIL OTL) looks so moeeeee~ X3

K-On! Gashapons and Keychains. A good affordable alternative to those who cannot collect all the Nendos and Prop Plus Petit figures coming out *raises hand*. I'm glad that they didn't forget Azu-nyan for the gashapons!

That's some of the eye-catching stuff I've seen in the Comiket 76 coverage! For more updates on the figure scene, feel free to check out my blog: Tangerine Tango


  1. Thanks for your coverage on Comiket 76! Wish I could go there too but.. T^T

    Anyways, those nendroids, gashapons and keychains looks adorable cute!

    So adorable! Why no Prussia!? LOL :P

    So Bakemonogatari is getting nendroids now huh? I can't wait to see the final product ^^

  2. @kirapika: I wish I had a chance to go in my lifetime as well! I just saw these in Akiba Hobby's post about Comiket 76 Day 1. :D

    Maybe Prussia would be in another batch? Most of the time, those gashapons have different variations/batches (just like Code Geass had)

    I'll update here when there are previews of the Puchi Nendoroids posted on the internet ^_^ so stay tuned!