Saturday, August 15, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapter 703

Chapter 703: The Truth Amidst the Snowstorm

~The bomb case finally comes to a resolution with reference to a disaster that happened 13 years ago~
~ But as everything comes to a close, Mouri received a text message from someone giving hints about the case. Who could that be? Bourbon?????~

This case is so simple once everything was explained. Once again...I feel so so stupid once again. Hahahahahahaha.

So our culprits are:

The bomber: "The Ordinary Citizen"
The sender: Seta-san, the Cashier

Why? Let me explain.

The bomber: "The Ordinary Citizen"

  • Consider this logic: If you want to find the sender of the shirts, the easiest way is to come in secret. And if you will strap someone with a bomb, you will not strap it in an open space. But by doing so, you will loose sight of the person that you are waiting for. It's also impossible that the bomber has accomplice since people are still using cellphone while being held as hostages. So it all makes sense that bomber is the ordinary citizen. He strapped the bomb to himself when at 12:29, nobody came to buy the shirts.
The sender: Seta-san, the Cashier
  • 12:29 --> When one is shopping, there is no guarantee that the time would be 12:29 all the time.
  • The cash register in that floor is in the small room outside the view of her fellow employees and so she has room to create receipts with 12:29 as time.
What's their relationship?
  • Seta-san or Mari-chan is the daughter of the person he killed last December 29, 13 years ago. Incidentally, an avalance occured which worked for his favor.
  • The man dipped his hands on company money and when his boss discovered it, he got afraid and killed him. The reason why he used the company money for his own use was because he wanted to let his son study at an expensive elementary school but his son always ran away from home.
It is also important to take note that the bombs are fake. Conan figured it out after seeing a lipstick mark on his shoulder, a proof that he boarded the train on the way. A person wishing to carry a bomb is not so dumb to ride a train on the way on his target site.

As for the other clues:
  • The shirts have a weird crease -> these are flag signals that Seta-san learned from his father. The message of the folded crease are: "I saw you burying him"
  • Torn receipts -> suggest snowy mountains
  • red shirts -> hinting murder
  • 12:29 -> December 29, the date of the murder
All of these clues were sent by an anoymous to Mouri which surprised Conan so much. who sent it....we need to watch next chapter!

Btw, Gin is still watching the Akai look alike. Aside from Chianti, Gin also has Korn position as a sniper. Korn is positioned in the basement. As for Subaru, he noticed the presence of the Black Organization and again gave a big bold smile.

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