Friday, August 14, 2009

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom - Episode 18

Episode 18: Showdown

Just like Umineko, I will now be serving Phantom as a parfait for everyone else to enjoy!

  • Claudia McCunnen is dead. She was killed by Lizzie who was ordered by Inferno to kill her. The reason why she wanted to join Inferno is to avenge her brother, Romero who killed by Isaac.
  • Finally.....Reiji and Elen reunited!!!! Elen was sent by Master to kill Reiji and they fight for a while. But when Reiji called her with a sweet "Elen...", Elen got back to her senses and they talked, explaining why what she felt ever since they parted ways.
  • When Reiji took care of her injury in the previous episode, Ein admired him so much that she swore that she would fight for her survival. The scar brought about by Reiji performing surgery on her is her strength that's why she was able to live all this time.
  • And then they made up with a very sweet hug~~~~ Awwwwww......^^ Reiji promised that he will take away from Scythe.
  • Speaking of Scythe, he is a damn crazy old man. He is experimenting on people to be his dolls and if they're a failure, they will be thrown away. Since Ein failed him, Ein is also included in this garbage dolls that he could just throw away.
  • To escape, Reiji got a couple of fake Mexican passports so that they can go away and start anew.
  • Unlike Reiji who thinks that Cal is already dead, I strongly feel that Cal is still alive. Towards the end of the episode, a scene with surprisingly clean gun and watch: signs that she indeed was away when it happened.
  • As for the Godoh group, the partnership with Inferno is still on with Mr. Shiga on charge.
  • And who is the person Scythe is always talking to? I don't know him. -___-

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