Sunday, August 16, 2009

Special Parfait of the Week: Antique Bakery

Antique Bakery, is a small bakery that's run by four handsome man. Tachibana, the owner. Chikage, who was send by Tachibana's family to watch over his childhood friend. Ono the "demonically charming" gay master pastry chef. And Kanda, a former boxer and Ono's apprentice.


Antique Bakery is a very light series, consisting only of 13 episodes. There is a little touch of gayness and homosexuality but I think it's only at the level that's manageable and still entertaining.

My most favorite thing about this series is because you get to see yummy and mouth-watering cakes that they serve to customers. I actually had an instance where I bought a cake just so that I can watch Antique Bakery. Hahahhaa. The cakes really look yummy and their designs are also enticing for the eyes.

The OP and ED music are so very good. Music is by Chemistry, a RnB duo. The songs became my favorite so even if the anime has already finished, I am still listening to them. They are still in my playlist in my ipod.

A Korean movie and a live-action drama has also been released prior to the anime.

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