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Naruto Shippudden - Episode 119-120

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A very late Naruto post!!!! Life has been so busy that I watched this one so late.

Episode 119-120: Kakaishi Gaiden: A Boy's Life in the Battlefield

This is another long awaited Naruto manga chapter that I am wanting to watch on TV.

For people who are following Naruto on manga, then we are all familiar with this story arc. Kakashi's past is one of the most interesting story in the Naruto story line (at least, for me).

So first let me introduce the main stars for this special Naruto episode:

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~Namikaze Minato~
The Yellow Flash of Konoha. He is still a Jounin around this time and wasn't hailed as the Yondaime yet. We also get to see a little of technique, Shunshin no Jutsu or the Body Flicker Technique.

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~Hatake Kakashi~
At a very young age, Kakashi became a Jounin because of his skills and talents. His personality is the complete opposite of the way he is right now. He is a ninja bounded by the the rules.

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~Uchiha Obito~
Kakashi always call him a crazy idiot because he is not a typical Uchiha clan member. He is a crybaby, sloppy and a clumsy kid. He still doesn't have the power of the Sharingan yet.

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She is the medical ninja of the team.

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If you look at it closely, Kakashi's team when he was still a child was pretty much similar to Team 7. Obito is much like Naruto, Kakashi is like Sasuke and Rin mirrors Sakura. I guess it is fated that Kakashi will be the jounin assigned to Team 7 because he himself has the experience on how to deal with Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

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What is very interesting to point out is that Kakashi is so different when he was a kid. If in his old self he is always late and he might appear to be slacking, he probably adopted that trait from Obito Uchiha. As mentioned, he used to be a bookish ninja. Because of what happened to his father, The White Fang of Konoha, Hatake Sakumo, he bounded himself with the rules. I won't be mentioning the details of what happened to Sakuma. So if you are interested, then visit this page by Narutopedia. I also want to add that as early as a child, Kakashi has invented Chidori. It was only perfected when Obito gave his Sharingan to him.

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Finally, the person that I was impressed so much by Yamato. At first, it will really be hard to believe that someone like him is the father of Naruto. His jutsu is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad, I really didn't get to see him in full action but a glimpse of his ability is more than enough to see that he is damn so good!

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On a funny note, even as a child, Kakashi's full face is still covered. Hahahaha.

Next episode of Naruto, we will be back in the present time. I promise to post them within the weekend!!

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