Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tears to Tiara - Episode 20

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Episode 20: Lucifer

We all go back to time to meet Lucifer and Myrdin.

As I have suspected, Lucifer is indeed Arawn. How he changed his name I still don't know. The voice of Lucifer that Taliesin heard is similar to Arawn's voice so I thought that Lucifer and Arawn is one and the same.

For the purposes of this post...I'm gonna address Arawn as Lucifer.

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So there are suppose to be 12 spirits who act as the envoy of their god, Watos. Suddendly, a new phantom is about to join their ranks making them 13. For them, 13 is an omnious number. Merlinus, one of the spirits were tasked to handle the situation and take care of the new spirit. Afterwards, they prayed their usual prayer in unison and it goes....

In the name of our Lord, the Creator, Watos, we strive.
For a perfect world of pure white.

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And yeah, that 13th spirit is Lucifer. Myrdinus, who can also be called as Myridin woke him up and raised him like his child. Lucifer addresses him as his father while Myrdin calls Lucifer as his son.

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So the 13 spirits wanted to eliminate the human race by freezing the whole world to death. But Myrdin has mercy for the humans and has built an asylum in order to save those remaining humans. This is the very reason why the other spirits look down at him and call him senile.

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Myrdin wants Lucifer to have his eyes opened to the reality of the spirit's goals and character. But Lucifer advertedly closed his eyes from this fact because he doesn't want his father to die. He loved his father so much that he cannot stand loosing him.

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Having realized this, Myrdin opted to offer himself and sang the Song of Origin with the hopes of bringing spring to the land.

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This episode is a cliff hanger. It ended with Lucifer screaming Fatheeeeerrrrrrrrr!!!!!! I am having a hunch that the human child that they rescued was Primula. Primula was the only living person who survived the freezing environment after being protected by the adults who also died from the extreme cold.

If Primula is already there....where is Pwyll??Hahaha. I still long to see my very cute character. Hahahaha.

Well, next episode is the continuation of the story. What happens to Lucifer and to the young girl after....let's all find out next week :)

I almost forgot, summaries are up at reychop's blog. Please do visit! :)


  1. Nice!!! You finally posted this one. I would think that maybe the purpose of changing his name is a way to protect his true name? If I recall correctly, episode 1 reveals that by simply revealing your true name (which happened to Riannon) can endanger the life of a magic-user.

    As for Pwyll, I would think that since the humans were erased, the Phantoms carried on their original plan- the creation of a new age- the age of the elves. But that is simply my views and I could be mistaken.

    Another thing is, animax put up Vatos instead of Watos. Looking up at wikipedia, I read that the correct one is Watos. However, animax has been using "Vatos" since episode 13 up... so I doubt it's an error.

    Maybe the next few episodes would further explain the backstory of the anime. Enjoy watching it! ^_^

    By the way, I noticed that your post this time is a bit short (you missed the scene with Ogam) but it's still good... See you soon! ^_^

  2. Yeah. a purposely made it short since i still wanna watch the next episode. Hahahaha. I really can't say a lot since about this one yet...i need the next episode.

    again, there's a difference with animax and the subs. is watos a german term? if so, then it is justifiable that w=v. just a though ^^

    your theory about lucifer becoming arawn is also possible....:D

  3. Hahaha... Though the next episode is in a much serious scale, and it's probably too late to say this (since you watched it already) but it's guaranteed to wet you a few sheets of tissues. Hahaha.

    As for the difference, I don't know if it's a german term. Though that could be correct, I am not all that familiar with German. Still, it's only a one-word difference so I wouldn't sweat it.

    Though it's just a theory, maybe they really are reincarnations or something. It could be another possibility. Hmmm. Have no fear, it will all be explained in the next episodes... Hopefully. XD

  4. i did get sad when i watched episode 21. taliesin is gooonnneee...already gone. :((

    if there are reincarnations then can taliesin be reincarnated???????? haay. i just hope so.

  5. Hahaha. Hmmm... Maybe he would be... Or maybe not. Let us all make a room in our hearts for the wandering bard who sings for even a humble shepherd. RIP Talieshin...

    Look on the bright side, his sacrifice has produced great results. And for that, he has become a legend, a much greater existence than simply living. Don't you agree?

  6. i just hope that he would not be gone. I am still hoping that he will just appear to everyone's surprise. haha.

  7. That could be possible. After all, it did not show that he died. It merely showed that the ice broke beneath him, leaving us viewers to assume immediately that he would be dead. For all we know he could have been alive, guided by his god, Muse and his energy could not have been spent. Maybe he borrowed an amount from Arawn.

    But still, it remains a theory... Maybe in the later times, or maybe it will remain a fanfiction. Hehehe. (The thought of tears to tiara ending made me excited to write my first fanfiction for this.) XD

  8. i am still hoping that taliesin is still alive and well. oh please...

    i will be excited to read your fanfic :D