Monday, August 31, 2009

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom - Episode 20-21

Another special double post of Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom....

Episode 20: Hometown
Episode 21: Anger

Episode 20:
A time skip has happened. 2 years after Reiji's and Elen escape from Inferno, they arrived in Mexico then travelled by land to Peru then to Palau then to Philippines and finally to Japan where they finally settled down. They've been here in the Philippines and I didn't know that they were here! Hahahaha. Just joking..

Anyway, life is getting normal for the two of them. They entered school just like normal kids and posed as siblings. Reiji has also caught the eyes of females particulary Mio-san who confessed right at him. Reiji said that they can start out as friends. Mio and Reiji went on date to get to know each other then suddenly, a woman in motorcycle gave a silent shot and this where Reiji's dream came to an end.

My biggest reaction is that HOW DID CAL GROW TO BE SO TALL AFTER FOR ONLY 2 YEARS? I mean she was just small two episodes ago and now, she is looks so hot..tall and with big boobs. Gaah, Scythe Master can really do miracles.. T_T

It is also interesting to note that Mio is actually Mio Godoh, the secret youngest sister of Godoh Daisuke. Elen thought that they can use her to their advantage.

Episode 21:

Preparations for escape are being made and Reiji also told Elen his relationship with Cal and how he introduced the girl to the underworld. Cal now goes with the name Drei but according to Scythe Master, she is still incomplete in the sense that she still needs to defeat Zwei, the previous phantom to fully own the title.

While Elen and their group of friends have lunch together, Elen is called away after receiving an unknown package. Reiji loses track of her and instead encounters Scythe. Scythe thanks Reiji for providing him with Cal, who he uses to fan her hatred against him, and hints that Elen is being targeted. At the church, Cal introduces herself to Elen.

And thus, the women in Reiji's life face off against each other.

Will Reiji arrive just in time? I do not think that Ein is easily defeated. She is still the original Phantom after all. I really do not want to see the three of them fight. They are like a happy family. Bad Scythe Master...ruining their family just like that. Grrrr...

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