Monday, July 27, 2009

Vampire Knight - Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Beasts Madly in Love

~My strong and so is it possible that you are mine?~
  • I really hate Yuuki for making Kaname-sama worry so much. Yuuki who is so worried of her feeling something for Zero thinks that she doesn't deserve the love Kaname has to offer to her.
  • But then, Kaname-sama said that he is willing to accept any pain as long as it is from Yuuki. He can take on anything, may it be pain or a sword that could take away his life, he can accept it because it's from Yuuki. Waaaaaa..
  • As usual, Kaname was able to tame Yuuki. They ended up sucking blood in a private area of the Kuran manor.
  • Meanwhile, Zero is agitated because of the upcoming ball that will be attended by the vampires and the hunters. He doesn't want to attend but he was ordered to by Yagari.
  • Luca and Akatsuki are ordered by Kaname to check out the mansion of the protector of the purebloods, the Handagani Family. They met the protector of the castle and told them that they are not interested in the quarrels and that her masters are on a deep sleep.
  • The chapter ended with Kaname and Yuki on the way to the ball. Yuki apologized by saying that he she now knows the path the she must choose.
I wanna go to a ball with Kaname as my partner too~~ That would be a very great and sweet moment. Gaah, a girl can dream *___*

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