Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 16

Episode 16: A Comrade in Arms' Footseps

We take a little bit of break from the crack of FMA as Ed, Al and Winry discover the truth as to what happened to Hughes.

Even so, Havoc gladly announces the he has a girlfriend once again!

Ed, Al and Winry arrived at Central and the three of them would want to say their regards to Hughes. Winry went off to go to the house while Ed and Al decided to go to the military office first. Ling didn't do much in this episode, he was just arrested for being an illegal alien while his subordinates are still looking for him.

If you're wondering what happened to Barry the Chopper after being interrogated by Roy, he is being kept by Breda, according to the orders of Roy. Havoc brought him goods from Roy and passed him a very sweet message:
"Sorry for putting in charge of such a dangerous task. Don't worry about military duty, though. I've marked you down as absent due to illness. However, you're as good as dead if a civilian or someone from the military besides us find you." - Col. Roy Mustang

Speaking of Roy, he is spends time inside Room 3 where Sheshka works. He is so busy secretly investigating what Hughes is investigating at that caused him his life. Being overworked, he fell asleep for about 10 minutes.

Captain Focker suddenly arrived and took notice of Roy's presence. What Sheshka didn't know is that the Focker infront of him is Envy. She disclosed a very important information to Envy without her knowing it. Envy was able to know that Roy is investigating about Hughes' death and this is a big alert to Envy and Lust.

Meanwhile, Roy is in the toilet, refreshing himself. He met Major Armstrong. Armstrong warned him of the dangers of his investigation. Armstrong also told him that he cannot bring himself to tell to Ed and Al the truth about Hughes. After his CR time, he met the Elric brothers outside and asked for Hughes' whereabouts. Roy initially lied and told him that Hughes retired and moved out of the country to take care of family business. Everything would went out well if not 2nd Lt. Maria Ross came and unintentionally told the brothers about what really happened to Hughes. This leaves the brother in extreme shock that Ed ran away because of the pain and the shock.

Winry, who also knew what happened is crying and gravely saddened. He then finds Ed and Al arriving at the Hughes' residence to give their condolences and to apologize for dragging Hughes into their problem. Ed is so apologetic and is blaming himself for what happened but Gracia told them to not to give up or his husband's death would be put into waste. It really painful for Gracia that as they left the house, they can hear Alicia asking their mother not to cry. Still pained by all this, the three spend the rest of the day moping around their hotel. When Ed goes to check on Winry a little later, she pulls him into her room and tearfully reveals that she had been practicing making apple pie and had wanted Hughes to try it.

Envy is now reporting to Lust to what he discovered about what Roy is doing. Envy has a plan to put Roy in a pinch. The next day, Ross is approached by the military police and is arrested on suspicions of having murdered Hughes. When Mustang hears about it, he has Hawkeye gather whatever documents she can on Ross.

Havoc, on the other hand is on a way to a date to her newly found girlfriend, Solaris. What he didn't know that Solaris is just Lust in disguise.


  1. Nice :)
    It´s been a long time since I read the chapters. Full Metal Alchemist was one of my first series. I am surprised. The anime reminds me of "Eureka Seven". Don´t know why. 16 episodes? That´s less than I expected. It´s quite popular, although there´s just one release each month. Vampire Knight has less chapters but more anime episodes.

  2. @ Nathaniel..

    This is not the last episode :D I think there are 60+++ episode so you can still catch up :D

  3. just a's falman not breda who keeps no.66.
    lol @ u copy all mustang evil message

  4. thanks for the correction :) it's me and my typo errors.

    hahahaha. yeah!!:)roy really manage to give breda a very sweet msg. hahaaha.