Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Valkyria Chronicles - Episode 15

~ There's only one person that I care about in this series and its Faldio.
Only Faldio .Hahaha.~

The episode started with gloomy people because of the tragedy of the previous episode at Fouzen. Faldio, Welkin and Alicia are all worried because of how the people felt and how this crushed their spirits.

It is with reason that a party was organized to lighten up the mood and to allow everybody to loosen up even for just a day. With this, Faldio has an idea of making each squad send in a member to perform in front of everyone.

For Squad 7, it's Rosie that they chose to sing. At first, she disagreed saying that she doesn't sing infront of Darcsen. But Isara talked to her to ask her to sing for everyone's sake and her past is revealed. Back when she was young, the Empire was hunting Darcsens, and her parents reluctantly gave refuge to a trio of armed Darcsens. When a soldier came to investigate, the Darcsens panicked and slaughtered everyone, and Rosie survived only thanks to her mother.

Faldio also cheered up the worried Isara who decided to not attend the party so that Rosie could sing for everybody. At the end of their conversation, Faldio took Isara to the party. They saw Rosie and Rosie said that she will sing and the song is for everybody. This makes Isara blush because of being happy.

After the presentation, everybody's drinking and Faldio is sitting alone when Alicia approached him. They thanked each other for today's celebration. Faldio then confessed to Alicia that he likes her.

Waaaaaaa....Faldio already confessed to Alicia???!!!! If I am in Alicia's place, I would also tell Faldio that I like him tooooooooooo~~~ Faldio is really smooth and knows how to step up as compared to Welkin who has a weird and impotent side though he is intelligent, cunning and creative. Of course, we all know that Alicia likes Welkin (I think Faldio knows this well too) but I think Faldio is taking his chances or he is just helping Welkin realize that he is falling in love. But nonetheless, it's still kinda the same. I wanna see the next episode and see how Alicia reacts. But honestly, I think she will not give her answer just yet. Too early.

Meanwhile, Isara and Ramal also has their own romance starting. Oh, young love. ♥ Hahaha. I think Faldio also gave him trips regarding woman. Oh Faldio!!!

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