Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tears to Tiara - Episode 15

Episode 15: Candid

This is my long awaited Tiara episodes - lots of big revelations and an action packed episode!

The episode started with a dream of Riannon about Arawn's past and the girl that I still don't know her name. It's a farewell memory. The girl is stopping Arawn from leaving as something bad is about to happen but Arawn is determined to go. It's a very sweet memory, Arawn hugging the young girl and asking her to protect everyone, to protect Pwyll.

After the dream, Riannon looked for Arawn and they had a short sweet moment. Riannon swore to protect Arawn and be with his side as long as possible, saying that she didn't need to have any promises. She just wants to be by his side. This is definitely an "awwwwww" moment for Riannon and Arawn.

The next day, Gael tribe is on its way to attack Gaius who asked the help of Mayor Creon for help as they planned. This is the start of the fight between the Imperial through Gaius and the Gael Tribe through Arawn and Arthur. While they are traversing the forest, the elves felt the power of Gravitus, the god's gravity that makes the elves feel panicky and scared. They also encountered the Necroms, the immortal vanguards that can only be eliminated by magic. This is the start of the big climax of the story.

At first, Ogam volunteered his magic but Arawn stopped him saying that this magic would not allow Ogam to use it again for a long time. So Arawn decided to use his own power, the Candid.

Grant me the ultimate whiteness.
Grant me the speckless whiteness.
Grant me the perfect white, the perfect world.
The power of cleansing,
The power to purify the world.
The power of truth, the power of the heavens, the light of divine retribution!
Descend! Candid!

A bright light descended towards them, giving an end to the Necroms. All are in awe and shock but Ogam warned that this could almost cost Arawn's life. Arawn looked white and glowy and he said that this is how he looks like when he was still a young, mindless sheep. Indeed, Arawn is weakend and suddenly, Arthur's childhood memories returned!

It was Arawn who killed Arthur's father! It seems that before, Arawn is not as good as he is before. In fact, he is the exact opposite! Upon killing Arthur's father, Arawn, one of the white spirits, challenged the young Arthur to do a revenge anytime that he wants. So it turns out, it's actually Arawn who planted the seed of vengeance in Arthur's heart.

Back to present time, Arthur became agitated and anger and revenge enveloped him. He is so into fulfilling his promised revenge for his father. There's a little sibling fight between Arthur and Riannon as Riannon decided to protect Arawn, even it will cost her life. Arthur is already consumed by the darkness inside him would not let anyone stop him even if it's his own sister. Arthur charged and thrusted his sword forward.

Arthur successfully stabbed Arawn. Arawn covered for Riannon and received the blow. This is my favorite part. This is so full of Arawn x Arthur sweet moments!!!!!!!!!!! Arthur is already back on his senses and is shocked on what happened.

Arawn: Well done, you have avenged your father.
Arthur: Arawn...what have I....
*Arawn fell*
Arthur: Arawn! How...?Why did I....?
Arawn: It's okay. Mankind...has enough hate me...But Riannon...
Arthur: Riannon?
*Riannon also fell and fainted*
Arthur: Riannon! I...even my own sister...
Arawn: Don't worry. She merely fainted. She has done well. Worthy of praises. You too...have done well...worthy of praises...
Arthur: You don't have to speak anymore. Your blood...your life is seeping away....
Arawn: I believe in you... Arthur ----> THIS IS THEIR SWEETEST LINE EXCHANGE EVEEERRRRRRR!!!
*Arawn fell while still saying words...*
Arthur: I...what have I done...Aaaaaah!

Meanwhile, Gaius got hold of the news of Arawn's injury and ordered the attack. Arawn is not dead, just injured and has returned to Avalon. Arthur ran away because of what he did.

As I have said, this is the best Tiara episode I ever watched! Arthur and Arawn moments are so sweeeeeeeeeeett! I really enjoyed seeing them together!!!!! I want mooorrreeeee!!

And oh, full episode summary at reychop's blog. Thanks, as usual to reychop!


  1. LOL! I agree! Yup yup, this is the best so far. I nearly squealed at every scene! And when Arthur stabbed Arawn, I nearly fainted! Such a touching scene.

    Anyway, compared to Animax's translation, I like your dialogs better.

    And your post has just made me remember the entire Animax's translation for Arawn's chants. Which one is better? You be the judge.

    Give me the powerful white
    Give me the flawless white
    Give me the pure white, a pure world
    The power to erase the impervious impurity
    The power to purify the world
    The power of truth, the power of the heavens, the flames of the punishment of the gods
    Come to us, Candidus!!!

    I'll have to update my site with this one. By the way, the dialogs in your post is way better than animax's lifeless and ambigous choice of words. But all's well, the chapter has still managed to make my heart race!!! ^_^ I'll be waiting for your episode 16...

  2. I prefer the the subbed translations. So yeah, update your site with the translations :D

    but nevertheless, the meanings of their dialogue is still the very same so you felt excited, worried and a lot of other emotions too.

    i wanna watch 16 asap.....=| i will await ur post for 17 too :)

  3. Blogger is extremely slow... grr... Maybe I'll just have to update the site once I watched episode 17 which will be on this coming Saturday. Though the dialog in animax suck (the example of this is when Arawn stated You have avenged your father, the animax version shows "you have defeated the enemy" instead) which is annoying.

    But anyway, the episode 17 will be on this coming weekend. I am excited as well. Maybe Tears to tiara is coming to an end? But I doubt it. Most history is not yet explained as well as the origin of the innocent spirits (or white spirits in your version), the significance of Arawn seeking Regius, the Gravitas, where was Pwyll and who exactly Myrrdin is and why Arawn is buried next to him). Well, I'm sure these will be answered in the future.

  4. i will definitely wait for your episode 17 post :)

    i think tiara would get 20+ episode so there's still time for more revelations regarding the story :D

  5. That would be great. The thought of Tears to Tiara ending so soon is saddening indeed.

    Though my posts are not that great, I really envy your ability to find the best scenes and the best angles to post for the screenshots. Hehehe. Say, can I use a few of your screenshots to spice up mine? Of course, I will mention your name and I will only use exactly one image per post (this way, I can direct them to your post when they want more pics so as not to "steal" your contents)

    That is, if you agree... It's alright if you don't. After all, you are the one that did the hard work.. :D

  6. Oh sure why not :)

    That way, it's an equivalent trade. i link you for summaries and you can use my screencaps for your posts ;)

  7. Thanks a lot! Though it would be trouble if I edit my posts for your screenshots, so I decided to use them in my character sections instead! I will first do Arawn's character page because he's my most favorite character.. well on par with Arthur but he's my priority, especially after seeing your screenshots on him when he's sulking! Hehehe ... ^^

  8. Episode 17: For Friendship is now up and can be found in . Hope you enjoy it! ^_^