Friday, July 24, 2009

Naruto - Chapter 457

Chapter 457: The meeting of the 5 Kage begins

~ Naruto bowed down to the Raikage to beg for Sasuke's life~
~ Meeting of the Kages finally begins with Mifune, the leader of the Land of Iron as the moderator~

I deeply admire Naruto for really bowing his head to the Raikage to beg for him not to kill Sasuke. He was mocked and was declined by the Raikage saying that eventually, Sasuke would be an international fugitive, having joined Akatsuki. Sooner or later, it's not only him who would run after Sasuke but other nations and people as well. Well, I do agree with the Raikage especially that he feels the pain of having his brother "killed" by Sasuke. But I think Naruto completely understands this type of pain so if he explains a little more, then he might get the Raikage's sweet yes.
Meanwhile, Sasuke was able to infiltrate the Land of Iron and asked Zetsu who is apparently with him to spot Danzou. Zetsu's ability enabled him to spot Danzou easily and Sasuke is eyeing him with his Sharingan eyes. I think when Sasuke and Danzou meet face to face, it's going to be a battle between Sharingan masters.
As for Sai, he is really concerned about Naruto and went to Sakura to talk to her. Sai is really becoming human right now. I feel that in the next few chapters, Sai would do something that would greatly affect the story.
The meeting of the Kages would now start and Mifune, the general of the Land of the Iron acts as the moderator.


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  2. Sai should say something insensitive to the oversensitive Mizukage.

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    hahahaha. i guess sai and the mizukage will be a big personality clash!x_X