Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Re-release of Hetalia One Coin figures by Kotobukiya now open for pre-order!

Hetalia One Coin figures by Kotobukiya

The Kotobukiya's cute chibi non-scale figures of characters from Axis Powers Hetalia are being re-released this coming August and are now open for pre-orders in Hobby Search.

These cute little figures are sold as a set of nine. The eight characters as shown in the photo above, and a secret character figure. Hobby Search strictly says that this item will be sold by a 1:1 set-buyer ratio -- probably preventing those who would buy in bulk to resell the figures individually.

Hobby Search is selling these for 5,814 yen. Approximately 61 USD. I think Italy's, China's and America's are the most adorable among all of them -- I would get them, but I doubt there would be people who would sell them cheap online ~_~;;

For more updates on figures, be sure to visit Tangerine Tango! /self-plug


  1. I . . . want . . . ALL

    shet . . . need to save money x_x

    now how many times have I reminded myself of that

    but shet . . . it's hetalia . . . better if it's cheaper but still . . . I want them *_*

  2. LOL. They're sold as a set... sad thing is that Hobby Search doesn't want to ship stuff to the Philippines

  3. W-WHAT?!


    even if I still couldn't afford them . . .

    ZETSUBOSHITA!!! ;___;

  4. You're in luck~! Seems that Hobby List Japan is also selling them ^^

    I think they allow shipping to here since I got to pre-order my Saber Lily nendo from there


  5. how much are they in our currency?

    I'm so . . . saving money *_*

  6. approximately a little more than 4k in Philippine Peso (shipping inclusive)

  7. O_O



    I thought it'll be around 1,000 to 2,00 maximum



    hopefully there'll be a day when they go cheaper . . . or they get more expensive as time goes by? x_x


  8. Well, they're sold in sets of nine, that's the reason for the heavy price tag. ^^;

    Figures are always limited in production, so if you wait until they're sold out, it's hard to find them... especially if they're popular. Re-releases do happen, but you can never be certain when they would re-release figures. There's always ebay and random people selling in LJ for example, but of course, I doubt they'd be selling a whole set -- or if they are, it's probably more expensive

  9. Sorry, do you know when exactly they were re-released in August? I'm trying to figure out if the restock has already sold out.

  10. @diligentsesame: I checked Hobby Search and HLJ.... I'm afraid to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems to me that they're already sold out. You might find them through ebay or Yahoo Auction Japan, though I can't guarantee they'd be as affordable

  11. I love these so much *U* I got mine off of ebay for $20, but when I got them, they had a bunch of marks and scratches on the faces and discolorations with the paint even though they were supposedly new products. ;A;