Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapter 697-698

Another manga special double post!

Detective Conan Chapter 697 - 698.

697: A Fashion Curse
698: An Uncertain and Fragile Thing

Chapter 697: A Fashion Curse

This is the investigation part of the crime where Chapter 696 left off. So we get to meet the friend of the victim, Shoudou Yuika, an office lady who agreed to meet the victim, Kuze Mihiro. There are also other revelations about the case like the broken glass that was supposed to have Mihiro-san's fingerprint. It was also investigated where the gothic lolita costume was bought and it's a newly released design and was just available for sale the previous day the crime happened.
And so when everything else is dark and gloomy, the case suddenly goes into light as Conan finally unlocks the alibi trick in this case.

Chapter 698: An Uncertain and Fragile Thing

The resolution part of the case. So it's really Shoudou Yuika who committed the crime and she did it out of revenge. She and Mihihiro are childhood friends and when they grew old, certain issues divided them apart. But as friends, when Shoudou was in a pinch, Mihihiro was the one who came to rescue. She gave her a job and offered her a house to live. in But it turns out, it was Mihihiro who caused such misfortunes to her friend.
The moral lesson of this case was pointed out by Sonoko when she mentioned that friendship must be uncertain and fragile as a glass so that the people inside the friendship circle can easily feel their love and warmth for each other.

Well, this is again a unique case - involving gothic lolitas in a crime scene. What I liked about this chapter is the thought shared to us by Sonoko. Again, it's all about friendship being fragile so that all parties can really feel the warmth and love that they have for each other. If a friendship is hard and compact as a wall, then how can the concern and feeling of each other be communicated?
Well, it's just another thought that we can reflect on.


  1. i heard a legend, that one day, Detective Conan will be finished...but i guess it's only a legend

  2. *skims entry*
    No Kaitou KID . . . *ignores chapters*

    @ Animenerdz
    I hope it won't be just a legend and it will actually come true! *_*

  3. @sapphire pyro..
    will alert you if its a kaitou kid case :)

    @ animenerdz...
    i am actually itching for dc to finish.....hahaha. i've have too much of conan and would want more of shinichi :D