Monday, July 6, 2009

Naruto Shippudden - Episode 116

Still, Sasuke is one of the most handsome guys in the series.
He would always capture girl's attention and even use this charm to his advantage, which is exactly the very same thing that happened to Karin.

We another member to Sasuke's group, Karin! He is the warden in one of Orochimaru's prison and has a special ability to sense the presence of chakras even at a distance. What's so funny about her is that she one of the many girls that fell in love with Sasuke so she readily accepted the invitation to join and come with Sasuke. Her blushing face is really funny and her puny attempts to seduce Sasuke were all a failure. Knowing how cold Sasuke is and not to mention that he is not into those stuff, Karin's seductive moves didn't arouse any manly desire with Sasuke.
Anyway, next episode...the Eye of the Hawk will be finally completed.
And just like the previous, here are notable scenes in the episode:

Meet Karin!

O Gosh, Sasuke looks so hot in this pose *__*

Karin seducing Sasuke and Sasuke was like "Duhhh.."

Another shot of Karin fantasizing over Sasuke.

Just another Sasuke shot. Sorry sorry...just can't get over with him.

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