Thursday, July 23, 2009

Element Hunters - Episode 1

I continue with Summer animes with a new show that I am gonna be serving as parfait, Element Hunters.

The reason why I decided to watch this one is for the fun of things. I enjoy Chemistry and so it sounds nostalgic to me, hearing various Chem terms that I already forgot after all those years.

Let me start with the main characters. There are other characters but I will introduce them once they are already doing a huge part in the story.

Ren Karas (boy) and Chiara (girl)

And now for the plot:
In a world similar to Earth, the localized disappearance of certain individual elements is causing massive disasters. A specialized team of “element hunters” travels to a parallel world to hunt down monsters called QEX in order to retrieve the missing elements and restore their own world.


Ren, Chiara and Homi suddenly became element hunters without any other explanations and this is all because they met Juno, an android created by ProfessorA imee Carr after seeing the mysterious ghost castle they saw front school. Eventually, they get to some secret room deep in the place where they find an android that out of nowhere decides to make them into element hunters (the whole castle was a test of sorts, obviously, and they passed it).

The first element that they captured? It's Nitrogen (N) with Atomic number 7.

As for the weapons, they are using the elebile. What is the elebile?
The Elebile

After an element is captured by the Elebile, it’s transferred to a slide and then stored. The Elebile also contains the information regarding the elements. It's pretty much similar to the pokedex. The elebile can also detect the amount of fifth element present in the QEX. What is this fifth element, I really don't know.

I know there are a lot of inconsistencies in the story but I was really interested in watching this one. Now I wonder why I haven't thought of this plot when we are asked to do a project when I was still in high school.

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