Friday, July 3, 2009

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 - Episodes 02 and 03

Sorry for the lateness minna~! But here's a double dose of episode impressions of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya!

Before anything else though I would just want to say that I love the new opening animation! <3

Episode 2 starts with Kyon in a daze lazing about and watching a baseball game, when all of a sudden, Haruhi calls him to go to the train station on his bike.

When Kyon arrived there, the whole SOS dan had already assembled and Haruhi wanted them to go to the public pool -- since it was summer, it was jam-packed and Kyon said that it seemed like a pool for the masses rather than a public pool. Koizumi commented that it was somehow refreshing that Haruhi seemed to be enjoying herself in a normal fashion, but Kyon disagrees and says that the way she demanded for his time isn't something that should be called normal.

After their trip to the pool, Haruhi discussed with them that she wants to do a whole list of things during the two weeks of summer vacation that they had left. Some of these include: fireworks, going to an O-bon festival, insect catching, part-time jobs and a lot more. I really loved the part where the girls bought Yukatas and went to the festival. Yuki was amusing because she bought an Ultraman mask. I can feel that there would be figures of the girls in yukatas coming out in the future... I CAN FEEL IT!

Funny enough, Kyon asked if Haruhi had even worked on her summer homework, and she says that she finished that "small bit" in three days. Kyon resented asking since he hasn't touched any of his homework yet and thinks that God didn't distribute skills equally among people.

Two weeks flew by fast, and the next day is the last day of summer vacation. Haruhi said that it's a rest day for all of them since they couldn't think of anything else to do -- although Haruhi prodding all of them with something else they haven't thought about hints at Haruhi being unsatisfied.

During the last day of summer vacation, Kyon tried doing his homework, but thinking that it was futile to finish on time. He went to sleep.

As for episode three -- the first half of the episode was pretty much a re-run of episode two -- only the designs on the outfits were slightly different, and Kyon has the recurring sense of deja vu. Later in the episode though it was revealed that everyone was stuck in a time loop that was happening during the two weeks of summer vacation -- which was obviously caused by Haruhi -- who was, of course, unaware of it.

Yuki -- who has her memories intact with all of the things that has happened during the continuous time loop revealed that it had been going on for more than 15,000 times. Kyon asked her why didn't she tell any of them about this but Yuki nonchalantly replies that she was only there to observe. After their emergency meeting, Kyon contemplates that more than 15,000 times of two weeks looping over and over again accumulates to more than 500 years and wonders how did Yuki manage to survive the endless loop without getting insane. Hmmm. Is that a Kyon x Yuki pairing I smell?

Koizumi -- as always had told Kyon that he's the only person who can do something to break the loop. But Kyon was pretty clueless as to how he is supposed to stop it. During their last assembly at the cafe, Haruhi once again asks everyone if they still want to do anything for the summer -- since no one has any other recommendations, a discontented Haruhi starts leaving the cafe. Kyon feels a strong force that is stopping him from making Haruhi stay -- and the force is even greater since he now knows that this is the trigger for the time loop to occur. But, he is still at a loss of what is he going to do. Episode three ends with Kyon blacking out while trying to stop Haruhi from leaving.

Episode 2 IMO was pretty much fanservice-y but then episode 3 shows up and actually shows a plot twist! Although, I have to comment that I feel like they didn't have any more story material that's why they're trying to make a time loop scenario so that they can reuse scripts etc. ><; but still! This episode is such a cliff hanger! I will be very disappointed if the next episode isn't the continuation of episode 3!

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