Friday, July 3, 2009

Gaming Icon of the Month: Miyamoto Shigeru

Gaming Icon of the Month:
Miyamoto Shigeru

If you are not familiar with the person above, then you might be familiar with his creations. If you are indeed a gamer, you would have played or at the very least heard of the numerous Super Mario games and the Legend of Zelda series. Miyamoto Shigeru is one of the major designers of Super Mario Brothers and the creator of Legend of Zelda.

Miyamoto Shigeru has been working under Nintendo since 1977 when he started working there as an artist.

Currently, he is still working in Nintendo. Miyamoto likes to focus on one thing at a time and is known to delay some projects so that the quality of the game that is released would be the best that the company has to offer.

Also, he uses some of his personal experiences as inspiration for his game designs: his adventurous personality as a child is what made him think of the concept of the Legend of Zelda, which had innovative gameplay -- letting players solve puzzles and riddles -- during its time and continuously does so as new additions to the series come out. His passion for taking care of dogs is what inspired the Nintendo DS game Nintendogs. While his traumatic experience with a chained dog during his childhood is what inspired chain chomps in the Mario Bros. games.

Aside from Mario Brothers and the Legend of Zelda, Miyamoto still has a long list of accomplishments.

One of his famous quotes is: “Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock-n-roll.”


Nintendo is practically my childhood aside from Sailormoon and Yu Yu Hakusho which is why I think that Miyamoto Shigeru deserves this gaming icon feature. I think gaming would never be the same if he hadn't been in Nintendo when he got there, and I'm sure that game developers wouldn't be challenged enough if his brilliant ideas weren't made into games.

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