Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tears to Tiara - Episode 12

Episode 12: The Threat of the Empire

I fully agree with reychop.exe that this episode is the calm before the storm.


Riannon is such a pure girl. Even though she is being captured by Gaius, she was still able to help people who are in need. She cooked the food and even cured an injured enemy.
Oh well, this is one of the Tiara episodes where there's little action and more talking. It's a little boring but I guess there's character development and some other informations were revealed like the connection of Riannon and Arawn's hearts. It's amazing that Arawn and Riannon can talk with each other even if they are miles and miles apart from one another.


And I look forward to Taliesin's role in the story. Not only does he look cute, but he seems to be suuuupperrrrr strong!
Next episode, finally more action and Taliesin vs Arthur? Wow...exciting!
And of course, full episode summary is available at
As usual, thanks to reychop.exe for the summaries!


  1. Wahhh... I'm glad that you agreed with me... Talieshin does show some promises... But I've read that he will die sometime later..

    Though the preview promises thrill and excitement. Though I am filled with dread because it shows Arthur getting defeated... Argghhh...

    On the other hand, this verification words are getting too annoying... Everytime I post, it pops out... Grr...

    How could I make it so that the verification is one time?

    I will definitely watch this episode (even though we have exams next week XD)

  2. yeah. i get the feeling that Arthur's getting defeated toooo~

    but yeah, talieshin looks to be really interesting and is freakin' good.

    don't forget to study but make time for tiara :)

    err..i don't know about the verification thing. I guess it might be in the settings. ;)

  3. Arthur's second loss... first to Lidia and now to Talieshin grr.... Arthur,,, ganbatte yo!!! Grr.....

    I have already started studying yesterday... Calculus, Trigonometry and Physics are okay. But A.P. Filipino, Christian Ed and MAPEH are a pain... English is simply a walk in the park...

    I guess I have nothing to worry about... Hehehe

    The verification thing can be disabled through the settings. But it's a security thing. I turned it off on mine.

    But since your blog is a bit popular, I guess it's better that you have it.

  4. About the verification thing, we didn't remove it in order to avoid spam ^^; I actually suggest you to do the same with your blog since spams are very annoying and it's a pain to delete every one of them ^^;

  5. Yup... I understand that your blog is popular and must be protected from spam... My laziness must be talking in the previous comment. And partly my internet connection which is slow! Since we share with my "gamer" younger brother....

    Anyway, since my blog is not that popular yet, I think I might leave it off. Visitors might lose interest in commenting just because they still have to waste their time in a blog with limited scope and young contents.

    At any rate, your blog is definitely good... Especially the new navigational bar on top... If only I took the time to learn more advanced CSS... XD

    Hehehe.. Well, I'll see you later! ^_^