Thursday, July 23, 2009

Naruto - Chapters 445-446

Special Naruto Manga Double Post.

Chapter 445: Bond
Chapter 446: Naruto Departs

Chapter 445: Bond

We get to meet the ROOT members who act as Danzou's personal bodyguard. As said by Danzou himself, these three are the best in the ROOT and that is why Danzou chose them. The two of them whose faces are already revealed are Fu and Torune while Terai was tasked to take of Kabuto.
Fu on the left (white) and Torune beside (black)

Meanwhile, Naruto is all beat up after refusing for to sell Sasuke out to Karui and the others. I think that is why this chapter is called Bonds- Naruto and Sasuke's bond is so strong that Naruto is willing to hurt himself just to protect his best friend. This bond overwhelms Sai who went to the rescue when Naruto is already bleeding from all the punches and kicks that he received. Sai is in the shadows spying on Naruto under Danzou's orders to keep him inside Konoha.
Sai brought Naruto to Sakura and Kakashi and Yamato are there. Naruto told them that he will try to convince the Raikage to forgive Sasuke and this freaks Yamato out. The seal on his stomach is already gone and eight tails had already gone out during the Pain arc. Naruto then answered back by saying that he met his father, the Yondaime and told him about the masked Akatsuki member (Tobi) who is behind what happened before when the Nine tails attacked Konoha. He is the REAL leader of the Akatsui and Pain was just a titular head. Kakashi orders Sai to tell this to the Hokage and again asked Naruto what did the Yondaime tell him as a father. Naruto then said that his father had faith in him. This touches Kakashi and decided to accompany Naruto to the Raikage. Of course, Yamato is with them much to his disagreement.
Meanwhile, Danzou is on his way to the conference when he was attacked. He then shows his bandaged eye - a Sharingan eye.

Chapter 456: Naruto Departs

Naruto, Yamato and Kakashi are now ready to depart Konoha. Kakashi talked to Sai and told him that he should not tell Danzou that Naruto snucked out of the village. At first, Sai thought that Kakashi didn't trust him but Kakashi said that he knows that Danzou sent him to spy on Naruto but even so, he has faith in Sai as a member of Team 7. This puts a big smile on Sai's face, a real smile of happiness that someone trusts him. Kakashi also noticed ROOT members spying on Sai and concluded that ROOT doesn't trust on Sai anymore. He used his Sharingan to put the ROOT spies on a deep sleep.
Meanwhile, Danzou successfully killed all of his assassins. The other kages are already at the Land of Iron for the meeting. The Land of Iron is a natural country with its own particular culture and authority and a strong military force. They have a samurai protecting team instead of the traditional ninjas.
Sasuke's team, on the other hand, reaches the Land of Iron and orders Juugo to search through the land for successfully infiltrate the land.

General Comments:

I love how Sai is now more human as compared how he is before. Right now, he is becoming a friend to Naruto as he jumped in voluntarily to keep him from getting more hurt. I understand his bitterness towards Sasuke as he witness Naruto went through a lot of pain and suffering just to protect and keep their bond strong and true. His smile when Kakashi said that he has faith in him is the most geniuine smile Sai has ever done throughout his life, at least in the series.
Next, Danzou having a Sharingan is a big "woah" to me. How and why he has it, I don't know and I wanna know.
I wonder if Danzou would really be the 6th Hokage of Konoha. Tsunade, okite kudasai??? Konoha is the hands of a selfish old man. -____-


  1. Yep. Interesting chapter.

    Sai is actually becoming likeable. And Danzou is looking more like a selfish old man, who certainly cares about his country, but puts himself before anyone else.

    I mean... He merely wants to rid Kabuto because he knows too much about Danzo's dirty history. And he's seriously thinking about assassinating Anko at a later date too.

    That Sharingan though... I'm thinking he had it transplanted in. Just like Kakashi. Why? Because only transplanted Sharingans are permanently "on", and Danzo's been covering it this whole time, just like Kakashi has to do with his transplanted eye.

  2. @Sarynn..

    There's a high possibility that the eye is a transplant. But where did he get that Sharingan?? Will this be another plot in the story?

  3. what i predict is that danzou will flee from konoha and join the akatsuki after the konoha council will have come to learn of his evilness... and sai would slowly learn about emotions through the emotions expressed by the Team 7 especially and would really join them and leave the ANBU Root.... Also the reason for Danzou to hunt Kabuto is to force him to use his medical jutsu on him to heal the stolen right hand and the right eye of Uchiha Shisui and bring back its full potential.......

  4. @badoneceedee30
    i like your speculations. danzou joining the akatsuki is something that is predictable. his ambitions would made him to such a thing. is madara chasing aftr him or not?