Sunday, June 7, 2009

Valkyria Chronicles - Episode 8

Indeed a Faldio-centric episode!!! Lots of Faldio moments! <3

I wouldn't mind being trapped if I am with Faldio!!!! Hahahahaha. I swear. Alone time with him is something that I would really really really really really have!!! I enjoyed watching this episode because I get to see different emotions of Faldio - happy, worried, hurt and smiling and all of the are all so cute!!!
Ok so moving on.....
Welkin is a really reliable guy. He may be shallow and kinda stupid at times but he has the intellect and the wisdom when things are in a pinch. He never gave up in saving Faldio and Alicia. His calm nature enabled him to think properly and not panic and caused more trouble and more problems for them.
I also admire the friendship of Faldio and Welkin. They are really the best of friends. Even if they have different personalities, they still click with each other. They complement each others' characters. Haayz, they are the perfect friends!!!
Next episode seems to have a plot transition. More Selveria and Maximillian? I only look forward to hearing Maximillian voice because it reminds me Zero. Haha.

Faldio Bonus!!!!!


It's a young Faldio!! Weeee~~ He looks so cute even before!!!! I so love him! :)

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