Monday, June 8, 2009

Tears to Tiara - Episode 8

"If its sullied honor that you're worried about, it can be purified in battle. "
- Arawn

This is the best episode of Tiara for me so far!!! Character and story development and fight scenes...things that I have been looking for, for a quite a while!!

I can say that the plot thickens this episode. A lot of new and exciting developments were shown not to mention that this is the most thrilling episode of Tiara so far. So Arthur, feeling overconfident with his tribe's strengt, uderestimated the troops of Lidia, the commanding officer of the Imperial Senate's public security force, Rublu. She was sent by the Imperial Army to destroy Arawn and the Gael Tribe and "bringing back peace that was once lost" or so she would say. Because of this, Arthur's troops were defeated single-handedly. Arthur blamed himself for this happening but Arawn beat the hell out of him. As the episode closes, Octavia gets attacked and is now unconcious as she discovers something something suspicious.
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Anyway, I enjoyed watching this episode because for quite a long while, I am waiting for some action and fighting and this episode gave it to me. Not only did I get more kickin' and fightin', there's a big plot movement and this really refueled my drive to watch Tears to Tiara.
And so, I look forward to the 9th episode. I have the subs here with me so its going to be posted real, real, real soon :)


  1. I like the girl with purple eyes on the first screenshot *_* . . . whoever she is xD

  2. @sapphire pyro
    she's lidia :)

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