Monday, June 29, 2009

New Flavors: Weiss Survive

Weiss Survive

Based on the card battle manga, two teens are caught in a mysterious new world where card battles are fought on a regular basis. In order for Takeshi and Michi to get home they will have to learn how to do battle with the cards and win matches.

I thought I am gonna like Weiss Survive but I guess I was wrong. I ended up comparing it (again) to Yu-gi-oh! and that kept me from appreciating this series. I also hate the fact that it's only for 5 minutes. I think that a 5-minute episode will be very challenging to watch especially that it's a card game where rules needs to be explained clearly and properly. I only get to watch upto episode 3 and I didn't get any idea on how to play the game. Animation is well and good but storywise, I think Yugi still holds the title as the King of Duelists.

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