Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Naruto Shippudden - Episode 113

Sasuke vs. Orochimaru!

A snake that slithers on the ground can only dream of flying through the air. You want it so badly that you went after the fledgling in the nest, but you became targeted as the prey instead. By the eyes of the hawk soaring high above the sky.

This is a very special Naruto episode for me because it is very Sasuke-centric!!!! For a long time, I have been itching for more Sasuke in the anime and finally, here it is! Yuukimaru arc is done and its finally time to go back to the manga. It's actually good that the manga is also back with Sasuke so I am having a good time watching the anime and reading the manga at the same time. It's like I can really relate the two forms of Naruto media together and fully appreaciate the story.
Anyway, here are some notable parts in the whole episode:

Orochimaru is soooooo weak that he is only surviving because of the medicines Kabuto gave to him. He is so desperate to have Sasuke's body for him.

Orochimaru's look when he was still an Akatsuki member.

Sasuke's back!!!!

Sasuke attacking Orochimaru

Orochimaru's true/real form

Sasuke's true form (using Orochimaru's curse)

Next episode would be more Sasuke-Orochimaru fight! My gosh, I am getting so so excited! I have read this in the manga and I am excited to see the anime version! ;)


  1. Woah! I stopped watching Naruto shippuden since I lost interest in it but seeing Orochimaru, the first antagonist, dead is just so good... It's sad that I am not a fan of manga which I deemed "soundless, motionless? a lifeless art!" but, the screenshots seems too good... It's sad that I hate the Filipino dubs so I can't watch it.

    Oh well I'll just follow your posts....

  2. Sasuke attacking Orochi in bed is something I find disturbing . . LOLz

    Haha! While I stopped reading/watching when I saw ghey Sasuke xD

    I don't watch the Naruto pinoy dubs but I once saw the noypi dubber voice naruto live at the studio, it was cool to watch. ehehe

  3. @reychop.exe
    i don't want the filipino dubs too so i watch the subs instead. sure thing..follow through my posts and i would try my best to post naruto as fast as i can :)

    @sapphire pyro
    hahaha. i really laugh at the idea of orochimaru in bed. it's not so like him. i have been laughing everytime i see him in his bed. hahha.

  4. @Sapphire Pyro

    I never really am an active tv watcher. I heard about noypi but I have no idea what's in it. (except for animax, because I like the fact that they chose to sub the newer anime and of course, their English dubs is ok to hear, and of course, I watch Tears to Tiara there)

    But it would be interesting to watch the actual process of the dubbing.

    I have stopped following The Naruto series ever since the entire chuunin exams took place so my details and memories may not be accurate.

    What do you mean ghey Sasuke? Gay as in homoesexual? Why I do write and is a fan of SasuNaru (where Sasuke and Naruto goes together) but in the real anime show, I never perceived him as "homosexual".


    I've already added this blog to my watch list so I will not be late for your updates. I'll dig through your past posts when I can so I will not be confused as to why the certain chapter/episode took place.

  5. @reychop.exe

    While I don't watch tv anymore, even animax. ehehe. I depend on the glories of the internet!

    Watching dubbers dub is an interesting experience! Hehe~ at least with abs-cbn, I don't know what it's like at gma

    Ah . . . ghey Sasuke . . . I was referring to the Sasuke that had changed his get-up from all blue to an Orochimaru-like costume. I find it so gay (as in a crossdresser/transvertie/okama). . . in a negative way . . . so I call him ghey Sasuke. And yeah, he's not exactly a homosexual.

    Sorry if I've been using my own vocabulary ^^; Ehehehe . . .

  6. @reychop.exe
    thanks again for following our posts. i will be posting updates today. if you wanna know more about naruto, more on the background of sasuke and itachi, i made a post here: http://xtine06.livejournal.com/6250.html

  7. I read the entry and I'm quite surprised. I read a lot of these in some fanfiction but never believed them. However, I am never really that updated with the anime, so I guess that's the reason.

    I am following your blog because of tears to tiara XD. But I'm glad I did. Maybe I even can find an anime that I will be following this coming semestral break (still a long way to got but it's good to be prepared.... right?)

  8. @Sapphire Pyro

    Oh... I'm never fan of gma, really... The only show I liked in it is Encantadia and Mulawin... Anyway, I'm quite envious that your internet connection can handle the loading times. I never watched anything online because it takes more than an hour to load a 30-minute episode.

    About that vocabulary, I do agree that most of us fail to differentiate its meanings... When I was younger, I always know that gay is cheerful, happy and bright.

    At high school I know they refer to effeminate men, then they refer to cross-dressers and then to homosexuals...

    But as they say, English is a dynamic language and the only language that does not change is a dead language. So it is understandable that we used our own vocabulary. Even I myself is using "mad" as insane and crazy instead of "angry" as was defined in the dictionary XD.

  9. that part wasn't animated yet :) and it's still a long long long way to go before the anime reaches that part.

    wow..thanks so much!! :) hopefully, you can get more potential anime to watch this coming break.. :)

  10. @xtine06: or maybe not. I have found a topic that has aroused my interest- Visual Basic... I may be engrossed in learning it that I will forget about anime.... grrr...

    But hopefully, I will have the time.. Anyway, the manga is advanced, so I think I'm starting to like it. However, I really do dislike reading comics, so maybe, I may have to wait for a few years XD.. If I have the patience... ehehe

  11. oh. you can watch while playing with VB. :)
    i am following naruto till it finishes. as of now, i am interested with naruto series so i will not be dropping this one :D