Sunday, June 14, 2009

K-ON! - Episode 11

After School Tea Time

Sounds a good band name right? It was their teacher who thought about it and it's not so bad. I like it! It perfectly depicts how the light music club has been doing in the past year. I am excited to hear them play in the school festival. :)


I initially thought that the crisis this episode talks about is only about the guitar of Yui but there's more to it than it seems to be. The school festival is fast approaching and the K-on is still not full prepared on what they will play for the event. They are in the middle of practices when they encountered three crises that they need to deal with:
  • Yui's guitar needs maintenance. After a year of only playing, the guitar strings are already rusted and other parts are already worn out. Well, this is easily solved by going to the music shop to have the guitar repaired.
  • Ritsu got a cold! She's absent for a while and because of that the band didn't continue with the practices. Now, they have to make up for the big amount of time that they have lost.
Next episode, I get the impression that Yui will catch a cold too! Waaaaa.... =|

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