Sunday, June 14, 2009

Naruto - Chapter 451

Dealing with Sasuke

It might hurt a lot but I want to fight with him for real this time because I want Team 7 to laugh together again, Sasuke included. - Naruto

Konoha is rebuilding itself from the destruction Pain brought to the land. Tsunade is still unconcious and Danzo was proclaimed as the next Hokage. Sasuke is now heading Konoha and Danzo's first move as the Hokage, order Sasuke's elimination as a missing-nin. How will Naruto react to this?? He might kill Danzo for ordering this. He has gone through a lot to save his friend and he would just be killed? How will now Naruto explain the idea of "the place he can return to" if he is not already welcomed? Danzo could really become a mood breaker all the time!!!
I really wish the Tsunade will now wake up and get back her position. She way better Hokage as compared to Danzo who only have selfish reasons on mind. And I don't think they would allow Sasuke to be dead? He is one of the main characters, right??? And they don't know how strong Sasuke is right now. For sure, they will be no match for Sasuke's new powers.

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