Sunday, June 14, 2009

Naruto Shippudden - Episode 112

A Place to Return to

We need to create a place that Sasuke can return to.

I knew it, Guren is alive! Thanks to Gozu who barely saved himself and used his remaining chakra to save himself and Guren. Because of that, Yuukimaru and Guren are able to reunite and live their lives together. Naruto and others are able to go back home to Konoha because their mission is finally complete.
What I love about this episode is to see a coughing Orochimaru. Hahaha. Its so rare to see an Orochimaru who is in pain! Hahaha. See this picture of him:
I don't know why but seeing him like this made me laugh! So bad of me :D But I swear, this is a really rare scene to see Orochimaru like this. Well, he is not about to die, for now. He just badly need Sasuke's body to tranfer. Like hell Sasuke would allow! Haha.
Anyway, I also would like to welcome back one of my favorite members of the Akatsuki, Deidara!!!!
Next episode is exciting as its going to be Sasuke-full!! Subs are here with me, I will be posting it real real real soon! I am waiting for Sasuke for a long time already. It's about time!!! :)

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