Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapter 693

Chapter 663: Charm Recovery Strategy

Conan and Heiji, the mystery show featuring the two great detectives of the east and west begins!

This is a case where Hattori and Shinich will again be working as a team. They will be solving the assault case of Kunisue Teruaki, a high school tennis player who approached Kazuha asking for a charm to give him luck with his upcoming tournaments. But due to Hattori's mistake, he gave the wrong charm to Kunisue that's why he is in Tokyo in search for that man. They found out that Kunisue was injured and is currently staying at a friend's house who took care of him. But when Hattori and Shinichi went to the friend's house, he said that Kunisue was out in a sports bar and is on his way to meet him there. Upon arriving, they spotted Takagi-keiji doing investigation. Kunisue Teruaki was assaulted between 7:55 to 8:05, during the bar's anniversary firecrackers celebration at the comfort room. His head was bleeding continuously and was rushed to the hospital to get medical attention. Hattori and Shinich believed that the culprit is still with them and so they tried to narrow down the suspects. To do so, Takagi asked all customers of the bar to close their eyes and open them after three counts, showing them proofs of the celebration that previously happened. Everybody is busy with their proofs and three people remained standing.
Next chapter would be a deduction combination from the detectives of the east and west! Gosh, I love it every time the two of them collaborate and work together to solve the case! I can't wait to read it. :)

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