Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tantei Gakuen Q Episode 1

Tantei Gakuen Q Episode 1 (Spoilers Ahead)

So the episode started with a girl looking for a cd hidden in one of books inside the library and she was chased out by someone who as if trying to kill her. A typical way to start an detective drama. ahaha. :)) btw, this episode is similar to the jack the ripper case in the anime. ;)

Kyuu hearing the word "Oniisan". :D it caught his attention because the section behind him is the hentai section. ;) no kids allowed. :))

Just look at Kyuu's Keitai. ;) it's N73. :)) I wonder why his gprs is on and it's an mms not sms. ;) LOL. Classes starts whenever they receive a message like that on their cellphone. :)

Kyuu, Megu and Kinta tailing the suspect. :D Look at Kyuu's expression. LOL.

Megu under a laughing gas. :))

The always calm Ryuu Amakusa. ;)

That's Nanami-sensei. :D He wasn't shown on the drama sp and he's the current teacher of class q. He's the right hand of Dan Morihiko. ;) I wonder what happened to the assistant of Dan-sensei in the SP. I forgot the name of the girl, sorry.

The ever respected Dan Morihiko. This is really weird. Dan-sensei didn't even changed a bit from the drama sp. :D Megu, Ryuu, Kyuu and Kinta have changed a lot from the sp. Well, except for Kazuma. His actor was changed so he's totally different. I like Wakaba more than the actor on the sp. ;) oh and btw, Dan-sensei's the father of Ikeuchi Aya in One Liter of Tears. :D just sayin' it. ;)

Kyuu and Megu Pair ♥

The murderer beside Kyuu and Megu. :D

The daughter of the murderer. ;) The murderer is seeking revenge for her daughter who was murdered. :D

This is how her daughter was murdered. Is that a blue contact on her eyes?

Of course, the master mind of the whole crime.

This is what they mean when Pluto says that they will shut their client's mouth. ;)

Episode Rating: 12.4 (based on network survey)

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