Monday, May 18, 2009

Naruto Shippudden - Episode 109

Counterattack of the Curse Mark

These are things that I love in this episode:
  • Sai finally had his own fight scenes. He is still as great as ever!
  • Naruto was finally out of the Three tail's stomach.
  • More kickin' from Yamato, Kakashi and Shino! I miss seeing them all in a big serious fight. More of this will be next week.
  • Sasuke's name was mentioned even for a short while. Might it be hinting that Sasuke will be back next arc?
  • Shizune's Sealing all girls team are all so cool! Girl power! Yehey!
Next episode would be more fight of Kakashi, Shino and Yamato. Tsunade's summoning caterpillar (forgot the name) seems to be assisting the Sealing team too. And Naruto and Guren to the rescue! More action next week! So cool! Exciting!

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