Monday, May 18, 2009

Tears to Tiara - Episode 6

Youkouso Llyr!

Tears to Tiara really reminds me of Kyou Kara Maou. Aside from Arawn being the Demon King, he also had Ogam, the one who acts as Daikenja or the Great Sage. Ogam seems to know a lot of things and Arawn consults to him about matters that he needs to deal about. The only difference of Ogam with Murata, well, Murata looks younger and much much more playful but esentially, theier roles are very much the same.
On a complete different note, I welcome Llyr from the Faerie Tribe. She will now be tagging along Riannon and Mocchan, all ladies that are interested on Arawn. He sure have a lot of girls to gambatte!
Next episode looks interesting as gang go to a colloseum. Tanoshimiiiiiiii :)


  1. Llyr... I always do find her annoying... She whines a lot, and of course, her lack of confidence is really irritating. But, I find her strong... When they fought against the Ruprom in episode 8, I was silenced. I never expected her to take a group of ruprom soldiers at once...

    Maybe, I have to see more of her in action... Not to mention she's rather... cute, to say the least... XD

  2. yeah. she's annoying at times but is skillfull. she can do a lot. and i like her dress too. hahaha.
    i wanna see more of her in the nxt few episodes too.

  3. Her dress, is good.. I agree... Not too revealing but not too long that it obscure some parts that are "attractive" and rather "private".

    Simple and not too elaborate. Also, purple is good... XD

  4. yeah. purple is a rare color to see in an anime character :)