Sunday, May 17, 2009

Naruto - Chapter 447

Chapter 447: Believe!

This chapter ends the painful story of Pain. Just like what I've said in my previous post, Pain had gone through different hardships in life and has seen the loss of his friends and comrades. This is enough to awaken Pain's true powers. And Pain's power is really really really really really strong. He is able to wipe out the entire Konoha and Amegakure army who is ready to kill him.
As the story ended, Pain now asks Naruto his answer and Naruto remembered Jiraiya's vision of a world where everybody understands each other. Of course, he admitted that he still hates Pain for almost wiping out Konoha and hurting his friends but because of Jiraiya's belief in him, Naruto was able to overcome the hatred and the drive to kill that he is feeling inside.
So next episode...I dunno what could be next. How would Naruto deal with Pain? I believe he wants to save him and I just wonder how.

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