Sunday, May 17, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapter 690

The Haunted Warehouse!

So this case is about a warehouse that the Shounen Tantei are currently investigating. They become interested with this case because of their classmate, Takuma-kun who saw the mystery of the warehouse. Apparently, when Takuma-kun peeked in the window, he saw that there are a lot of treasures inside the warehouse but when he checked the inside the treasure is gone!
This case is interesting because Conan, the there-are-no-ghosts type of person is able to experience the mystery of the warehouse. When Conan peeked in the window, there are treasure inside but when he checked the inside, the treasure is completely gone. For sure, the intellect of our little detective is now being challenged.
What could lie inside the warehouse? I am so interested to know!!!! :)

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