Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 6


FMA so far has never failed to satisfy me. Again, this episode is suppose to be a serious one but with the help of Marjor Armstrong and his sexy and shining muscles, there's an added humor which makes the mood light. It's also very notable in the series that Ed's height is a running joke. Everybody always has something to say to how short he is. I kinda pity him for being bullied about his height but it also amuses me so gomen
Another notable thing change in this remake that I like is the character of Winry. She's much more sexier this time and she acts more mature. She seems to be more serious in keeping her promise of supporting the Elric brothers. I think I will be loving the new Winry as compared to the old Winry we all know from the very first FMA.
I am excited to see the next episode since it's one of my favorites. The Central Library 1st branch! Yehey!

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