Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Valkyria Chronicles - Episode 5


Let me start with a bunch of Faldio fandom!!!!
  • Faldio is still cute as ever!!rrrrrrr <3>
  • When they are in the middle of the mission, Faldio suddenly mentioned about love...weeee..how carefree Faldio is!
  • When Alicia was hurt, Faldio looked so manly...so cool...so nice...so prepared....so calm....! damn i really love this character!
  • And again....Faldio is CUTEEEEE..KAWAIIII....
So on to more serious reviews...
I kinda realized the importance of my Strategic Management class when I watched this episode. Why? It's because Welkin's bizarre yet effective strategies proved the idea that strategy is important in any battle. Proper strategy formulation would be enough to throw an enemy that is large in number and has all the advantages in winning. It doesn't matter how many, but if the strategy is properly formed and executed, then victory is sure.
On a lighter note, Welkin and Alicia pairing is so so cute! Their bickering amuses me. Hahaha. I wanna see more of their fights as the series goes on.
Speaking of Welkin x Alicia pair, next episode would surely show a jealous Alicia. I am excited to watch!


  1. YAY for Faldio!! He is indeed really cute ♥ But Welkin is also too =3

    I haven't watch this episode yet, but I'm glad to hear that Faldio got more screentime but than again, it's weird in the same time too. I mean, wouldn't they aim for more of Welkin x Alicia than Faldio x Alicia? (but I didn't mind the FxA!)

  2. Hahaha. I dunno for sure who got the most number of screentime but I am 100% sure that Faldio sure got lots of screentime.....which made me go happpppyyyy! :)