Saturday, July 24, 2010

Naruto - Chapter 503

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Chapter 503: Minato's Shiki Fujin

Naruto being born as a host to the Kyubi is a product of love and trust that his father entrusted to him. He became the bijuu because he was hated but rather, it's because someone believes in him. On that point, I view Naruto's situation as an honor as well as a challenge of fulfilling that expectation from his parents.

Chapter highlights:
  • Minato's Rasengan explodes, injuring Madara. Minato also used this opportunity to put some marking on Madara to facilitate the use of his Hiraishin no Justu.
  • With Madara injured, Minato hits Madara with a Keiyaku Fuin to sever his contact with the Kyubi.
  • Kyubi's controlled state is gone and around that same time, the then young Iruka's parents are injured and Iruka wanted to protect them. His father didn't approve because it is they job to protect their children.
  • The group of Sandaime is still their doing everything that they can to drive the Kyubi away from the village. 
  • Back on Madara, he decides to retreat but leaves a promise and a threat to Minato: he is the ruler of the world and he has many meanst at his disposal to get the Kyubi once more. 
  • Somewhere around the village, the young Kakash, Kurenai Guy and everyone else are kept inside a barrier. They were told that they do not need to put their lives on the line since this is not a war. Kurenai gets angry for being controled, but his father told her that at the very least, she has to pass the spirit of the fire to his future grandchildren.
  • Minato arrives in the village and sees the situation. Kuchiyose no Jutsu was used and he called for Gamabunta to hold back the Kyubi for a while. He need a lot of chakras to send away something big.
  • Minato is also worried about Madara's threat for the future.
  • Then suddenly, the Kyubi and Minato are transported out of the village to where Kushina is. 
  • Minato has depleting levels of chakras but Kushina says that she can still fight, tying up the Kyubi.
  • Infant Naruto cries. Kushina says that she will draw the kyubi in and kill herself. That way, she can put off the Kyubi's resurrection. She then thanks Minato.
  • Minato cannot accept his wife's plan but Kushina says that he should look like that because it's Naruto's birthday.
  • Kushina says that she will always regret not seeing Naruto grow up. With this, Minato says that there's no need for her to die with Kyubi. 
  • Minato will use a Hakke Fuin (Eight Symbol Seal) to seal her remaining chakra inside Naruto then take the Kyubi down with him. 
  • Minato can only seal half of the Kyubi's power. If Kushina will die with the Kyubi, the balance of the biju will be disturbed.
  • Believing Jiraiya's child of prophecy and that child to be Naruto, half of the Kyuubi's chakra will be sealed inside him.
  • Minato said that he realized two things: that the masked man will bring destruction and that their child will be the one to stop him, to clear the way of the future.
  • Kushina is a bit reluctant, but Minato asks her to have faith in their child because after all, he is their son. 

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