Thursday, July 22, 2010

K-ON!! - Episode 15

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School's back for the girls of K-ON while on RL, mine starts to get busy as well since we are approaching the end of the trimester. 
  Basically, this episode is about the Marathon Day at their school. This is really a fun episode to watch especially towards the end that Yui did something else. 

Marathon Day is not something Yui looks forward to at their school. In fact, it's her hatest and would do anything just tostop that day from coming. She even went as far as creating tera tera bouzu to invite the rain the next day. But unfortunately, next day came brightly.

Mio has her own issues as well. She doesn't want to be the last one to finish the course because that will invite attention, a thing she doesn't really work along with. With that thought in mind, she decides to run fast and even went ahead her friends. Since she is far ahead, she was able to catch up to Ui, Asuza who are slowing down because Jun-chan is already at her limit. But upon seeing Mio, her idol, adrenaline rushed up as she gets motivated to run once again.

Meanwhile, Yui is easily distracted by the environment. She stops at different places, noticing stuffs from left to right. Good thing, Mugi and Ritsu is sticking around with her. As they continued to run, they saw Mio, waiting for them since she saw from Ui, Asuza and Jun the fun of running together with friends.

They are already at the hardest part of the race - the hill climb run. They need to pass through that steep hill to get to the finish line. Yui, Mio, Ritsu and Mugi brace for the climb so they think of many strategies to keep them from getting tired while running. They thought of singing their songs but it was a total fail. It's hard to sing while running. Next, they tried singing with their head, which also failed and even tried thinking of happy thoughts while singing. While running, Mio thought of a good lyrics for a new song, a hit that a new song will soon be released.

They successfully reached the hill, but not yet the finished line then realized that Yui is missing?! They inform Sawa-chan and also Ui about the incident. Ui is really a life saver because she was the one who pointed out where Yui went. Yui is at the house of their neighbor, the old lady who always greet Yui around. According to Yui, she tripped while running and was found injured by the old lady and help her treat her wounds. She was then invited to have a break, which she greatfully accepted.

With all of this ruckus, Mio, Yui, Ritsu and Mugi are the last 4 people who didn't finish the race but the honor of the last place was given to Mio! Ritsu, Mugi and Yui gave their best to run in the last few meters of the track with FOOD as their motivation.

Well, the episode ended with Sawa-chan still in the woods searching for Yui, not knowing that everything ended well. Poor Sawa-chan....

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