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Kuroshitsuji 2 - Episode 3

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Episode 3: Female Butler
Since I already posted my thoughts and my favorite scenes here, this post will concentrate on more plot related points about Season 2. We are still on the honeymoon stage of the anime, so we are all on the process of guessing and speculating what will happen as the episodes progressed. 
Hopefully, the things that I will point out will be helpful as we try to explore what will be the real plot of this new season.

Credits to Ayu for the screenshots. *I am still watching this via streaming. I am waiting for the DL to finish.*

1. Who is sending Ciel the letters from the Queen, when in fact the Queen is already dead right?
This has boggled me for a while now. I know that in S1, the Queen already died and the Queen that everyone sees is just a fake, a public display just so that the people will not be in panic. And now that S2 is on, the Queen is also back? And it seems that Ciel really has no recollection of what happened previously.

2. "For the return of such hideous crimes, with discretion, I shall again entrust this case to my Dog and Spider."
From this line, we all know that the Dog refers to Ciel and the Spider, well I am assuming it to be Claude since we get to see in Episode 1 that spiders are being related to Claude. So does that mean that the queen has a bunch of contacts to demons disguising as butlers of the different influential families in London? I can't help but think that the reason why they exploit kids, similar to what happened to Ciel is their way of forcing them to bind a contract with demons, again, similar to Alois' and Ciel's case.

3. "I am leaving for London. Also, make sure that Madam Red doesn't realize where and why we're going. This is a type of thing she'd like. It'll be annoying if she's breathing down my neck"
And to this Sebastian answered with a meaningful smile, "I don't think that will be a problem". Again, Ciel doesn't know that Madam Red is already dead. I am inclined to think that this is a flashback but I am troubled by Sebastian's reaction. His face shouts the truth of what is really happening, and yet we can only speculate as much.

4. Next will be the conversation of Ciel and Sebastian inside the carriage, on the way to London.
Ciel: A piece of Phantomhive's past I don't know about..
Sebastian: That's not far fetched. Before you inherited everything from your presider, a lot of things had happened in the Phantomhive household.
Ciel: But, I hope to hear about it. About the incident Father was involved in. As the new head of the house, I have resolved to let the rumors spread around. Those guys...they will definitely strike again. 
Sebatian: Do you intend to put yourself as the bait?
Ciel: Those who have hurt me and diminished my pride in this land, I will drag them out to the light of the day for the world to see. Without choosing the means to do it. 
Sebatian: What if they are already dead?
Ciel: I think it's obvious, I shall spade the truth and tear it off their rotting flesh. Merely that.
Sebatian: As same as ever, my Master. 
From this conversation it is already highlighted that Ciel really has no memory of what happened, and Sebastian has presented that in a what-if scenario. But if it true that Ciel lost his memories because of his resurrection, then Ciel hasn't changed at all, and Sebastian is pleased to know about that. His statement, saying that Ciel is same as ever really brought me to the idea that Ciel has his memories lost and Sebastian knows something about it.

5. Though the name is not mentioned, I think that Aberlain is alive, but now with mustache and looks a bit older.
And it seems that Aberlain didn't know him at all. He is in fact shocked to get to know the Queen's Loyal Guard. If it is really Aberlain, it also shows that Sebastian is a bit wary of his presence because when Aberlain arrived, he snapped off from being withdrawn to the cats.

6. I just realized this just now but isn't it that Lau tried to kill Ciel in S1 and yet he is back as a pawn in Ciel's chess board?

7.  Ciel doesn't know who Grell is. 
Upon seeing Grell, he gets a vision of Madam's Red and gets a hint of the past, but the vision stopped immediately. In addition, Ciel didn't recognize that it's Grell and Sebastian has to introduce him yet, again. Grell looks a bit surprised but just went on because after all, Sebastian is his one and only focus. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

8. This is Sebastian's lines while he is waiting for Ciel to call for him below the tower where Elizabeth Turner hid.
Forsake the future, sacrifice your dreams,
while stained with deep despair.
Elude the past, fight the reality,
and never relinquish your nobility.
Just like that, Young Master.
That is the soul I wish to consume.
Err, Sebatian? You still haven't consumed Ciel's soul? If not, then what happened to the cliff hanging ending of S1? Sebastian didn't proceed? Waah, I am really getting crazy about KuroII! 0_0

9. When Ciel asked Elizabeth Turner details regarding the case, this is what she said:
Elizabeth: You may kill me as well. That person has told me that if I do this, then beautiful men would fall in love with me. 
Sebatian: That person?
Elizabeth: The men with the golden eyes, he...
Right now, there's only one man with golden eyes that I know off, and it's Claude Faustus! Is he really the villain this time? I sense a huge showdown between two demon butlers! 

10. In the epilogue of the episode when Sebastian woke Ciel up after finding more information.
Sebatian: Young Master? Young Master? Sorry to bother you while you're asleep.
Ciel: Have you found out something? 
Sebastian: On the shelves of the British Museum, I have discovered these beneficial documents. It's true, for the previous body combustion incident, Her Majesty had someone else also work under her direct orders, besides the house of Phantomhive, another specialized house of nobility. 
Ciel: Another specialized one? Is this the reason why Yard didn't have any records of it?
Sebastian: Three years ago, the head of the house had died but, right now, his son has inherited the path. He is the Earl of the Trancy Family.
Ciel: Earl of the Trancy Family? 
And then Sebastian gives off another meaningful smile.
So it has been made clear that the Trancy Family is also another asset to the Queen and has also been mobilized, similar to how Ciel responds to every request made by the Queen. And this time, the two families starts to be related with each other. Will Trancy really be the antagonist of this series? OMG, I am left more unanswered questions as I watch this episode. I want Episode 4 now! WAAH! 


  1. 0_o Confused. Is it like the first season never happened? Or is it all a dream or some other nonsense. XP

  2. @Anonymous
    I am confused toooo. There's no confirmation yet of the real plot about the new season, so I guess we need to keep on watching :)

  3. well about the confusion of lau: it was in fact never said nor shown if he died back then or not. we know he was injured, ran mao as well, but we really dont know if tey actually DIED. and with this, it makes perfect sense considering ciel memory loss. i think the letters are just send by the govrtnment /the new queen. what confuses me is that in ep one it was said alois father died short afetr alois returned, and here was it three years ago? but that would mean alois had been a contractor for 1 year longer than ciel- and didnt change appearances in three years at all? what?

  4. @Anonymous
    About Lau:
    You perfectly make sense. Thanks for shedding some light to my confusion.

    About the letter:
    I think so too that it's the government sending Ciel, but is still using the Queen's name? Weird.

    About time skip:
    I am not really sure that a time skip happened. I am also at a loss of the timeline in the episode. So I am with you in saying "what?" :))

  5. hmm, isn't the real queen just get kidnapped by that angel?
    and hello, i'm new here :D

  6. @Zielo

    Hi Zielo! Nice to have you here. Hope this will not be the last time you will visit HyperParfait :)

    Anyway, I do remember that the real queen already died in the first season and that the government just placed a fake queen just to calm the public and not cause any problem.

  7. aye2, actually i already following this blog for a long time, hahaha (maybe 6 months ago), finally show up XD

    hmm, but in the last episode the queen, i mean the real one found by the palace guards... err is it true? (i almost forgot it)

  8. (sorry i change my name, because somehow my computer error, so 96monochrome = zielo)
    it's so hard to put a comment, hahaha

  9. @ Zielo
    Sorry for butting it ^^; Ehehe.... but please tell me what exactly the problems you encounter on commenting so I'll try to do something about it ^^ Thanks~

  10. @Zielo

    The queen who died and has a rotting body is the real queen and she died, so right now there's a titular queen to balance things out.

    I am also confused since I also forgot some parts in the first season :)

    From the looks of things, the queen will not have anything to do this time, though.

  11. > Sapphire : hmmm, like putting my name as Zielo, not 96monochrome (<< this is my blog name). first time i can made it, but second time i can made it, geez...
    by the way, hello :)

    > xtine06 : oh, ic then~ :)