Sunday, October 18, 2009

Detective Conan - Episode 536

Episode 536: The Secret of the Vanished Masterpiece

Hidden in the famous' painter masterpiece...
What's this astonishing mystery you think you can see but you can't?

This is not a murder case. And I personally find this very touching and sweet :)

Anyway, the case is about a deserted chateau visited by the Detective Boys since it was rumored to be spooky. Anyway, they found out that it was being borrowed by a renowned painter, Wada-sensei who is finishing a grand masterpiece. Unfortunately, he died because of poor health. But the mystery is..where is the painting?

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It turns out, there was no actual painting. His masterpiece refers to the flowers that will bloom. He is doing such thing for his auntie who already got amnesia. He wants to offer her something that could help her bring back memories of the days that they were together. In the end, her memories returned and she remembered her happy and sweet days.

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And of course who helped in solving the mystery? Well, it's all due to Conan. He was able to pick up the clues about the real masterpiece Wada-sensei is referring too. The name plate of the chateau was meant to be signed by him when the flowers bloomed and painted the world beautifully.

I really felt sad that he needs to die. Wada-sensei lost his parents and so he considered his auntie as her mother for real. And so when she lost her memories, he worked really hard to help her go back in time and once again made her see the beauty of the landscape in their garden and how colorful it was when the flowers bloomed. That is very, very, very thoughtful and sweet.

It's very rare to have such sweet Detective Conan episode so I really appreciated and liked this episode.

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